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General Information

The MCS school year consists of 37 weeks of classroom work. School commences in August each year, finishing the following June. The school year breaks into the following periods:

First Semester Mid August - Mid January
Fall Break Mid October
Christmas Break Mid December - early January

Second Semester – Mid January - Early June
Spring Break – 2 Weeks in March
Summer Break - Early June- early August

To keep parents as well-informed as possible, the school year has been divided into four 9-week quarters. At the end of each quarter, grades are issued. At the end of each semester (18 weeks), a semester grade is given and recorded in the office on the student\'s permanent record.

In grade 4-6 letter grades have the following meanings.
E – Excellent (working well above average)
G – Good (consistently working at an average level or above)
S – Satisfactory (just about achieving the standard required, a low average)
N – Needs improvement (below average)

In grade 7-12 Letter grades (A B C D F) are used.
A is awarded for consistently excellent work.
B for work that is of commendable standard.
C for work that is satisfactory.
D is the lowest passing grade.
F is awarded only when it is considered that the student must repeat the course.

A is the highest possible and D the lowest possible passing grade.
+ or - can be used within the other grades.

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