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General Information

The Boarding Departments at Murree Christian School seek to provide a warm, family atmosphere where children can find and develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and where each child’s God-given qualities can be recognized and developed within God’s loving purposes. The school’s Boarding Department aims to do this by:
1. Providing a variety of devotional and discipling experiences.
2. Providing a safe place with loving acceptance.
3. Working in co-operation with the child’s family – always building into that more important relationship of parent and child.
4. Defending each child’s reputation.
5. Giving consistent loving discipline developed within God’s loving purposes.
6. Working in close co-operation with the greater school community.
7. Providing a place of fun and creativity as well as learning of appropriate social skills for the present and for re-entry into their “home” countries.

All the elementary boarders are housed in one group with the boarding parent(s). Junior and Senior High School boarders are divided by grade and gender. Grade 7 to 9 are in the Junior High and Grade 10 to 12 are in Senior High. If possible we appoint husband/wife teams for each boarding department but we also accept single boarding parents.



All students are expected to attend weekly chapel and church services. Devotions are led by house parents - weekly for High School students and daily for Elementary students. It is a time of sharing concerns and joys. Children are encouraged to pray together and with their house parents.



A qualified registered nurse is a member of the Boarding Staff. The medical facilities of nearby hospitals are used when the nurse in charge deems it necessary. All medical expenses (including travel costs) will be billed to the parents concerned. Students must have permission from the houseparents to visit the nurse out of school hours unless it is an emergency. Students wishing to see the nurse in the morning need to see her between 7:15am and 7:50am before going to school. Students may not go to the nurse during school hours without permission from their teacher. If the student is not able to rejoin classes the nurse will inform the school office.
When a student has a contagious disease he/she may be isolated at the discretion of the nurse.
All medications brought into boarding by children are to be in the keeping of the nurse or the house parent, unless, in the case of older children, the nurse has authorized them to control their own medications.


All media permitted at Murree Christian School will be in accordance with biblical standards (eg. Philippians 4:8 and 1 Thessalonians 5:21-22). We have the biblical injunction to live according to God’s word. The content of all media should uphold values acceptable to the Christian mode of life and thinking, remembering that whatever we receive into our minds becomes a part of us. Media which portrays homosexuality and New Age thinking as an acceptable lifestyle will not be permitted. Media that contains excessive occult related activities, sexually suggestive behaviour, nudity, excessive violence or excessive swearing are not permitted and will be confiscated at the houseparents discretion. Whatever is confiscated should be returned to parents.

Movies, Videos, DVDs
All movies shown must be consistent with the abovementioned MCS standards. Before any movie is shown, the supervising MCS staff member must have personally previewed and have looked up one of the following websites: (, or to check the rating and movie content to determine the appropriateness for the students.
R-rated movies/videos/DVDs will not be permitted. If a teacher wishes to show a movie which is R-rated for educational purposes, they must first obtain permission from the High School Principal/Director.
Nothing is to be viewed by students in boarding departments except with houseparent’s permission.
The supervising MCS staff member will determine appropriate editing (permission forms) being careful to avoid showing scenes with excessive violence, swearing, vulgar language and nudity/sex.
To monitor the amount of movie watching that students are viewing, any MCS staff member showing a movie to a student(s) outside of school time (eg. Class visit) must first check-in with the relevant houseparent(s).

All TV programs aired must be consistent with the above-mentioned MCS standards. In boarding departments, TV is permitted / restricted at the boarding parent’s discretion.

All music must be consistent with the above-mentioned MCS standards
Music must be respectful and consistent with Christian values. Lyrics that contain vulgar, sensual language, either explicit or implied, are considered inappropriate for listening. Music that promotes rebelliousness, self-harm or suicide, endorses sexual promiscuity, glorifies or promotes violence, endorses use of drugs, and treats the occult as attractive is equally inappropriate.
Those playing music audibly must control the volume so that it is not offensive to other students, staff or visitors.

Computer & Electronic Games
All Computer & Electronic Games must be consistent with the abovementioned MCS standards
First person shooter style games that involve graphic violence and killing people are not allowed.
Web Zones (public) are permitted with boarding parent supervision.

General statements:
Students who play inappropriate music, computer games and who watch inappropriate programs will lose their privileges. Privileges can be given or revoked at the discretion of any MCS staff member in consultation with their houseparent.
To encourage involvement in constructive activities after school and on weekends, moderation should be exercised and house parents (at their discretion) in their departments may limit the use of all media abovementioned.
Homework takes priority and must be completed before watching TV

Personal Music Players (Ipods, MP3s etc)

Personal Music Players are only to be used outside of school hours and may not be brought to school (except for those students who have permission to listen to music during their study hall time).



Students in grades 7-12 are permitted to bring mobile phones into boarding. Phones are to be switched off during class times.



MCS is a member of SAISA (the South Asia International Schools Association.) Our students join with students from other schools mostly for sports tournaments and occasionally for fine arts productions. Meeting other students from very different backgrounds, forming friendships, sharing victory and defeat are some of the benefits that MCS students have gained from participating in SAISA events. They have also contributed much to the Association by their sense of sportsmanship, their manners, their cheerful cooperation and their team spirit.



All students living in the Boarding Hostel will receive a written evaluation from their boarding parents at the end of each semester. This report is for the benefit of the parent and is not entered on the student's permanent academic record. All boarding parents correspond with parents over immediate, necessary matters.



As a community, we respect the culture in which we live and members of the school community are asked not to knowingly cause offence in the host community. Therefore, all students are expected to dress appropriately while in school or representing our school at activities off campus. Clothing needs to be modest and not revealing or distracting.

The following guidelines apply:

Shoes, boots, or other appropriate footwear must be worn at all times outside your boarding department (no bare feet)


  • short shorts will not be permitted
  • girls may not wear shorts (mid-calf length pants are acceptable)
  • may not be worn at church or at official school functions where formal dress is expected
  • may not be worn when leaving campus (except for boys PE on the field when sports shorts will be permitted).


Skirts should be at least mid-calf length.

For High School PE lessons students must change into:

  • MCS t-shirt (for girls)
  • Track pants. Boys can choose to wear PE shorts.
  • In the cold weather an extra sweat shirt / fleece may be worn.
  • suitable sports shoes and socks
  • girls must wear their hair tied up

Note: as laundry is once per week, each student is required to have 2 sets of PE clothing.

For Elementary PE lessons students should come to school wearing:

  • suitable sports shoes and socks
  • clothing for easy movement (not skirts or jeans)


Clothing worn should be modest in nature at all times:

  • no bare shoulders or backs
  • no tight trousers or leggings unless covered by a knee length garment.
  • no tank tops/tube tops/string strap tops
  • neckline should not reveal cleavage
  • no visible undergarments (bras or underpants)
  • no clothing is permitted that exposes your midriff.


Clothing or footwear that causes undue maintenance problems such as heavy boots that cause excessive floor markings or trousers with metal rivets that scratch furniture must be avoided.

Students are not to wear their clothing or hair in such a style or manner that could be hazardous to them in their various school activities such as technology, laboratories, physical education, art, etc. Instructors of these subjects are to set specific dress and grooming regulations for health and safety.

Clothing worn (including jeans) needs to be in good repair, free from holes, cut-outs, torn seams or frayed edges.

Students must not wear hats, caps or beanies during chapel, Sunday Worship Service, formal school events, or during mealtimes in the dining room. Wearing of hats within the classroom is at the discretion of the teacher-in-charge.

Clothing with obscene or violent statements, designs, double messages, and advertisements for drugs/alcohol or tobacco will not be permitted

When leaving campus, girls need to wear a shalwar kameez (3 piece suit). Alternatively a kameez top, dupatta & long pants are acceptable for certain outings & your houseparent/teacher will advise you accordingly. If travelling in vehicles between school and Sandes, girls are permitted to wear western clothes but high school girls must include a chadar.

For cultural reasons, boys need to remove any earrings before leaving campus.


Students will experience at least three months of cold winter weather along with many days of heavy rain.

Students will need a couple of warm fleeces, an outdoor waterproof jacket and suitable winter boots or shoes.


Formal dress should be modest. For girls, shoulders, back & mid-riff should be covered. Dresses/skirts should be below the knee and have no low neck-lines. Outfits should include a shawl for travelling.

Boys should wear a dress shirt, pants (not jeans) and tie or a dress shalwar kameez. Students are expected to dress up for Awards Ceremony, Baccalaureate & Graduation with a minimum dress standard of:

Girls - Shalwar Kameez

Boys - collared shirt and good trousers or Shalwar Kameez (no jeans permitted).





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