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 MCS Newsletter #24 Mar 13-20, 2014

This term is often a difficult one: snow, cold, and the realization for many that the end of the year is coming quickly! We had one more day of snow this week, but it is melting quickly and we really appreciate the sunshine!

The Elementary boys took a trip to the chairlift. It was a little rainy but it looks like they had a good time anyway!



Dr. Scott has been teaching the high school students some first aid and CPR. We have these plastic dummies that students can use to practice on, as Havilah and Hanna demonstrate.


Mr. Albert used the chapel time to express his – and our - appreciation for his maintenance team. A special certificate was give to Iftikhar for his dedication and excellent attitude.


The Grade 9 Geography class made models to show the various types of governments.



Some Grade 11 and 12 students are taking mock AP’s. These 3 1/2 hour tests are good practice for the real exams coming in May.

Recently, Dr. Scott has been teaching ballroom dance steps, like the waltz, in the high school PE classes. This skill teaches courtesy and reduces fear in case they ever need to know these types of dances! Then, Saturday night there was a Ballroom dance! There were also other types, such as, square dancing and line dancing. Our band even provided some of the music.



Mr. Heger spoke for our church service about the Holy Spirit and suffering. The worship team led us in a meditation about Esther, since this day was the festival of Purim.

Because of a re-arranged timetable, we had Friday Chapel on Tuesday! (This really confused some of us!) Mr. Healey had the students play a game where he read Bible verses and they found certain words taped around the room for a chocolate prize!

Uncle Hans brought up the MS basketball and volleyball teams to receive the trophies they earned at the recent tournament in Lahore.


Praise for all the work the teachers and students have been able to do this term and for the people behind the scenes who help make it possible: maintenance, IT, drivers, security, admin, etc!


MCS Newsletter #23 Mar 7-12, 2014

The Elementary recently made dioramas of marine habitats. Here are two of their models showing the various sea creatures.



The Grade 8 Technical Drawing/Art class has been using pencil and shading techniques to create some wonderful 3-dimensional pictures!



            In our Chapel some students from the seminary, ZBS, came to share. These students are taking Bible courses for three years. Our offerings have helped to support one of these young women, Razia, who wants to teach girls about God. There are 80 students and 10 teachers. ZBS just became accredited which shows the quality of this institution.

            Some of our youth spent Friday evening at Camp Mubarak with youth from Peshawar.

            Saturday evening was filled with fine music as the students gave a recital to an appreciative audience of parents and visitors, staff and students. Most numbers were classical pieces by composers such as Bach and Beethoven. There were selections on piano, violin, clarinet, euphonium and saxophone. There were also individual singers, the band and choir. We enjoyed having Mr. Allen, who plays the flute professionally, participate.

Thanks to Mrs. Lim and Dr. Scott for teaching these students!

            A visitor, Steve Jones spoke on Sunday about faith. He reminded us that we get to choose every day how much God chooses to bless us, as we trust and obey. He demonstrated how faith is like a muscle, and with exercise it will grow and get stronger.

A very large snowfall occurred Monday night and most of the day Tuesday. Over two feet piled up! But now we are enjoying sunshine and warmer temperatures that are making it melt quickly!


Praises and Prayer Requests:

Praise for safety in the big snowstorm and for the National staff that clear the sidewalks for us.

Praise for the gifts of creativity and music and how we can encourage and bless others by using these gifts.

Pray for those who are considering coming on staff for next year and pray for others to apply. Continue to pray for Aaron’s visa!


MCS Newsletter #22 Feb 27-Mar 6, 2014

The Middle School Basketball/Volleyball tournament in Lahore went very well. The students said they came back quite tired but had a good time. The girls placed third in volleyball and first in basketball. The boys placed second in basketball and first in volleyball. They really enjoyed the great food and were glad that so many parents were able to be there to cheer them on.

The group left MCS in a snow storm as the band played them off!        


 Lahore was, thankfully, much warmer!

The girls’ team consisted of Jireh, Jodie, Priscilla, JuYoung, Minha, Sieun, Sarah and Simran.

The boys’ team members were Jonas, Matthias, Rohan, JoonHee, Seth and Micha. 


Ulrike, Hans and Benjamin were the coaches who traveled with them. Noelle, Stephen and EunJohng also helped in their practices.

There's always something interesting being created in the CDT room! The class of 9-12th graders have finished the cabinets they've  been working  on. These very practical projects will hold DVDs and books. Some designs will match the table lamps that were recently completed.

The Elementary finished their projects of bookends. They practiced woodworking skills of cutting, sanding and painting.


            For our Chapel time Pat, a parent who was visiting, spoke of her recent time in Thailand and how God broke her heart for the people of that land. Rene’ spoke in church about why and how we follow Jesus.

            The 11th Grade students went down the hill to investigate activities and other secret plans for the Senior Banquet at the end of the year. The 12th Grade students are working on their special Kahani pages, and organizing their graduation reposibilites.

            We welcomed Deborah from Germany, who is here for a few weeks to observe, help cover classes and complete her internship requirement for her teaching course. She is an MK herself, having grown up in Thailand.


Praise for our dedicated Board members who just met here, and their work for our school.

Praise for safe travel for the teams.

MCS Newsletter #21 Feb 20-26, 2014

Here is Miss Warwick’s Geography class attempting to place items on maps to represent where they originated and showing the trade between the ‘Old World’ and the ‘New World’. These kinds of activities help them remember what they’ve learned!


            The Grade 10 English class recently read the novel The Cellist of Sarajevo, which provides a fictional account of the siege of Sarajevo. After completing their reading, they each wrote a book review, sharing their summary and evaluation of the book. After putting much effort into the writing process and revising their work several times, they then submitted their reviews to an online literary magazine. The students are now enjoying checking to see if their submissions have been published online and to see how many other students from around the world have read their work. Some of them have had over 80 people read their reviews and one review was chosen as an editor's pick to be featured on the website. Congrats Grade 10 on all of your hard work!

            The Class of 2014 skipped! A trip to Lahore was very much enjoyed. Favorite things were: playing paintball, food, riding ATV’s, food, visiting the zoo and the Badshai Mosque, food and, most of all, spending time together! They got away on Thursday without being caught by the 11th grade.



            In Chapel Uncle Harry and Aunty Stephanie showed some music videos from a group from Northern Ireland called Rend Collective Experiment. Their message was a strong calling to us to worship and celebrate life together as God’s family. An especially moving song about the 100 million persecuted believers around the world caused us to stop and think about the challenge in the song: “I’ve counted up the cost and you are worth it!”

            The long-awaited Junior High Open House took place on Saturday. Students had worked on plans for weeks and visitors always look forward to the surprising finished projects.

The boys’ room that won for overall creativity and hospitality was the GPA Hospital (Germans run it for Pakistani children with American donations) No one could enter without first getting hand sanitizer. The doctors in white coats were Seth and Micha, and Rohan operated the pharmacy. A very sick looking patient lay on the bed.


The girls’ room that came in first was created by Jodie, Sieun, Hannah, Simran and Sarah, called “Around the World.” Food, decorations and dress represented our many countries. German sausages were on a “grill” made of bedrails and there were Korean and Pakistani treats and deep fried Oreos from the USA.  Korean and Pakistani music brought in people to this energetic room.


            We stepped into the “Age of Empires” computer game in the room of JoonHee, Benjamin and Matthias. The gracious monks were very hospitable, offering comfortable seating and great food like peanut brittle. They had made a field that grew candy – even chocolate if you picked the right one!


            There was a toy room with darts, stuffed animals, and colorful lights. There were a lot of challenges for arm wrestling against Uncle Harry! Emanuel, Juhwan and Ricky created this room.  JiReh,and JuYoung made the leaning tower of Pizza room where a ‘fat’ cook and a young artist served us. Priscilla and Roshni were inspired by the movie, “Frozen” for the decorations for their room.  The movie played while we ate ice cream in the icy blue room. JuHee, Minha and Subin decorated the entrance to the Open House with balloons and a food vending machine. A recording from a Lego man welcomed us!

            The winners will get a dinner in Murree. Thanks everyone for your great effort! We all enjoyed the evening!

Rene’ Dannehl, a former staff member, is visiting us from Germany to help out for a few weeks! He started off by preaching on Sunday. He spoke of the example of Mary’s song of praise. In our times of waiting and uncertainty, we can still praise, worship, trust and fellowship.

Praises and Prayer Requests:

Praise for fun times like the great Skip and Open House!

Update on Jenny from Tank Hospital – She does not have TB but a severe case of pneumonia.

Pray for the MCS Board meeting next week.

Pray for those who are considering coming on staff for next year and pray for others to apply. Continue to pray for Aaron’s visa!


MCS Newsletter #20 Feb 13-19, 2014

In Chapel Dr. Janet read a letter from the school at Tank hospital thanking us for money we had sent them a few months ago. They were able to concrete an area so the children can play ball. Dave even made some football goalposts while they were helping out there over the break!

            JuHee and Stephen were announced as the winners in the MCS hoodie design. We are looking forward to getting these warm sweatshirts!

            Then we saw pictures of the boys’ hike that they took last weekend, and as you already saw in the last newsletter.

            Uncle Hans showed pictures and told about his family’s trip to South Africa over the recent break. They enjoyed spending time with members of his family which are still there. He had grown up in Swaziland on a sugar cane plantation. Besides seeing family, the beaches and the food were highlights of this trip. We were in awe of the variety of animals there, like the giraffe, zebra, lion, hippo, warthog, crocodile and elephant.

            For Senior High Spiritual Emphasis Weekend Mr. Heger challenged them to think about the Holy Spirit.

            The Junior High spent a day in Islamabad riding the rides at an amusement park; then went to lunch and did some shopping.






            On Sunday, we watched a DVD called, God of Wonders, which gave examples of God’s amazing creation. We looked at the power and wisdom of God pictured in the lightning, the sun and stars and the snowflakes.

            Several parents who were visiting for the weekend joined us, and former staff members, Darcy and Laura, came up the hill for the day. Everyone was excited to see their 10 month old baby, Lillian!

            The Grade 10 Science class made models using straws to show the period change in the size of atomic radii throughout the periodic table.


           Here are the table lamps that grades 9 to 12 have been making.  Everyone was given the same rectangular piece of wood; then it was up to them to create their own table lamp.  Some kept the flat, rectangular shape, then planed and sanded it.  After that, they put their own design on it, like ‘MCS’, or in Shawn's case, the lion's head which matches the cabinet that he already completed. Others had decided to mount the block on the wood lathe and then 'turn' it, creating special scrolls in the process.  They had not done woodturning before, but some, like Micha, really took to it. Beautiful, aren’t they!

*Alumni News*

Phil and Jeannie Richardson became parents on Dec 29 to Douglas Franklin in New Zealand!

Ewan and Valerie Crouch are proud grandparents again! A boy, Leith Ewan Crouch, was born the 11th of February in Australia.

Congratulations on these precious additions!

Praises and Prayer Requests:

Praise for the larger MCS family and that we can celebrate together.

Praise that God has made us with such creative skills and that we can use them to help others and glorify Him!

Praise for good times of spiritual and intellectual growth.

Pray for those who are considering coming on staff for next year and pray for others to apply. Continue to pray for Aaron’s visa!

Pray for peace and stability in the country.


 MCS Newsletter #19 Feb 6-12, 2014

Where’s the table?

Juhwan and Paul show how much snow had accumulated after a large snowfall!


Others also try out the ‘new’ tables! Auntie Stephanie is especially happy!




In Chapel, Wolfgang led us on a trip to China! Last summer, his family visited the country so he shared some pictures of food, scenery, the people and the Lord’s work there. He reminded us to pray for fruit from literature and video projects, more workers,  and strong faith among persecuted believers.

The Senior High boys took a trip to the Margalla hills to do a hike and some rock climbing.








Thanks, Uncle Hans!

For the Junior High Spiritual Emphasis Weekend, Sophie and Ben led the students in meditations from the book of Philippians. Everyone also enjoyed a meal out and fun in the sauna and the snow.


For Sunday service, JoAnn led the few of us who were here in singing praises and meditating on the many characteristics of our wonderful God!

This week, some of the staff met for a workshop to learn better ways of praising students. We also have monthly staff meetings to remind us of various teaching methods and work on curriculum documents.

News from our MCS Board

Jane Jerrard has received an award: “For services to education, particularly for girls, in Pakistan” from the Order of the British Empire. This is awarded for a significant achievement or outstanding service to the community. An MBE is also awarded for local ‘hands-on’ service which stands out as an example to other people.

Praises and Prayer Requests:

Praise for a good time at JH SEW and prayer for another good SEW for SH this weekend.

Praise for the beauty of creation and the opportunities we have to enjoy it.

Pray for those who are considering coming on staff for next year and pray for others to apply. Continue to pray for Aaron’s visa!

Pray for peace and stability in the country.


MCS Newsletter #18 Jan 20-Feb 5, 2014

We are glad to be back at school!            

Over the break, some staff traveled to visit family, explore new places, see and help with the work in this country, and even get married! They traveled by plane, bus, train, or car to: South Africa, Paris, England, Germany, USA, Tank hospital, Karachi, cities in the Sindh, and Lahore and Islamabad.

We were sorry to say goodbye to 3 students at the break: Ha Rey and DongHyuk (now studying in the USA) and Harim.

However, we welcomed a new student this term, Roshni. She joins Grade 8.

Over the break the area was unusually dry with above normal temperatures.   Then we had a snow on the 3rd, but it melted quickly.  Snow even had to be hauled over to the D to make enough to build a fort! However, it snowed all day yesterday and now we have plenty!

Some of the recent weekend activities include: Senior High playing a night game at Sandes, Junior high and Elementary making pizzas in the Home Ec room, and now, playing in the snow!

There have been several helpful sessions of our “Leaving Well” seminar for 12th graders and other students who will leave at the end of the year. Emma and Tanya have talked with the students about their experiences as MK’s. There will be another session next month. These sessions help students with the difficulties of saying goodbyes and possible fears of the future.

Students are looking forward to Spiritual Emphasis Weekends, JH Open House and the Middle School Basketball Tournament.

In church services, Uncle Harry and Mr. Healey spoke for us, and Mrs. Smith led a chapel inspiring us to live to our potential every day.

Here is a picture of fun on the court in the snow and one of snowball fun that I could see out my window!


               Jaban, Sia and TaeEun             

     Emanuel likes making big snowballs!

These ice crystals formed on a car window!

We worship an awesome Creator!

 Praises and Prayer Requests:

Praise for safe travel, restful times, and good visits with family and friends.

Praise for our warm homes, classrooms, and for the maintenance teams.

Pray for the JH Spiritual Emphasis Weekend starting this evening and the speakers, Sophie and Ben.

Pray for Jennie, a worker at Tank Hospital, who had to leave and go back to Finland after contracting TB. Several others of their staff have it also.

Pray for workers at Bach Hospital who have had 2 of their department heads die in separate health related incidences recently. (Pakistani husband and wife) Pray for the care of their children.

Pray for those who are considering coming on staff for next year and pray for others to apply. Continue to pray for Aaron’s visa!

Pray for peace and stability in the country.


MCS Newsletter #17 Dec 12-19, 2013

It has been a busy week! Exams were taken, reports written, projects finished… and there were parties!

The Grade 8 Home Ec class finished their craft projects of stitching on plastic canvas.

The Grade 7 CDT class finished their benches.


Miss Eggemann introduced the Elementary students to the German tradition of St. Niklaus Day. Children are supposed to put out their boots in the evening and are surprised in the morning when they are filled with sweets, nuts and other surprises!


The Band and Choir performed at the German embassy one evening and a small choir group performed at the Australian embassy another evening.

Dr. Scott and Mrs. Lim led a music chapel full of Christmas songs.

The Elementary made a nice procession with candles and sang “Once in David’s royal city.”


The Smiths led an advent meditation and the band and choir performed.


Then it was the weekend and preparations were made for the all school Christmas party! The Dining room was decorated and games were prepared. The best part is coming in and seeing how people have dressed up! There were candles and matches, angels, a mailbox and even a Christmas tree complete with presents underneath!






We enjoyed a delicious dinner of crumb steak, an MCS favorite, and had lots of laughs afterward doing silly skits and games. Thanks to everyone who planned a fun time for us!

We gathered for our church service at Camp Mubarak. The band and choir prepared us with Christmas music outside and there were snacks for us. Inside, there was more music and Mr. Simon spoke about celebrating Jesus’ 1st coming and preparing for his 2nd coming.


There was more music as the Elementary students put on their program during our Chapel time.

They sang songs, played recorders, read the nativity account, illustrated by their own artwork, and recited a

Christmas acrostic.

A gift for their teacher, Nora, was presented which they had made in CDT.


The students all left by Thursday afternoon and the staff gathered for a quiet ‘Staff Appreciation’ dinner that evening.

Thank you all for your prayers and support so far this year!

Praise our loving Lord for all of His goodness to us!

Pray for safe travel, joyous Christmas celebrations and a good break for all!


MCS Newsletter #16 Dec 5-11, 2013

The Middle School Soccer and Badminton Tournament, which had been postponed, was held at ISOI on Friday and Saturday. Eleven boys and nine girls put all of their practicing and skills to the test: Seth, Matthias, Micha, Jonas, Ricky, DongHyuk, Benjamin, Aman, Rohan, JoonHee, Juhwan, Hannah, JuYoung, Priscilla, Sarah, Simran, Subin, Sieun, JiReh and Jodie.

Six senior high students were the coaches: EunJohng, David, Naemi for soccer, and  Tobias, Sameer and Rohit for badminton.

MCS came in third out of seven soccer teams for both the boys and the girls.

Everyone did a great job!

This was the first time that MCS has participated in a badminton competition and they just missed getting into the finals. They all gained valuable experience and hope to improve for next year.

The next tournament that we will be preparing for will be basketball and volleyball in Lahore in February.

            We continued our Advent meditations in Chapel with Jacqueline and Johannes lighting the Bethlehem candle. This small village was unimportant when Jesus was born there and remains that way today. Its only importance is because of who was born there!

A visitor, Leonard from Malaysia, shared about the joy of Zachariah at the birth of his son, John the Baptist. This reminded us of the joy we can have because of the birth of Jesus!

          On Sunday, we had some special music by some of our band and choir members: a quartet made up of James, Noah, David and Joel; and instruments played by Benjamin, Seth, Hannah, Sarah, Helen, Paul and HyoSuk . Our Advent meditation reminded us that Jesus came into a troubled world, and that He also comes to us in our troubled times.

Our other visitors, Isaiah and Diana led the message. Isaiah spoke on the topic of God’s gift. Because God has so generously given Jesus for our salvation, as well as all that we need to live this life for Him, we should have the same attitude toward giving to others.

          The Senior High girls enjoyed a Christmas dinner with their house parent, Naomi on the weekend.

          All of the ladies and girls celebrated Nora’s engagement with a party, complete with snacks, jokes, a dance and mendhi.

          We had our first snowfall on Wednesday which lasted several hours!

Praises and Prayer Requests:

Praise for many good gifts from the Lord that we can celebrate, like an engagement, sport events and Christmas!

Pray that Aaron’s visa will actually come through soon.

Pray that new staff for next year will apply soon.


MCS Newsletter #15 Nov 28-Dec 5, 2013

At MCS, our Staff meetings are not the usual type of meetings that can become boring! Our Principal, Naomi, works very hard to provide challenging activities to increase our awareness of how students learn and ways to improve our teaching. (She also brings us sweets!) Recently we have been working on writing curriculum documents to help make sure we know what to teach and whether our teaching is reaching the desired goals. 

          In Chapel we had a Thanksgiving service with various students contributing pictures and information to the power point. Thanksgiving is celebrated around the world.

The Bible describes the Jewish feasts of thankfulness for the harvest. In Germany churches may decorate with the fruits and vegetables of harvest, and then share these with the poor.

          The Canadian tradition may have begun in 1578 during the voyage of Martin Frobisher from England in search of the Northwest Passage.

In the United States, 46 million turkeys are consumed each year!

The feasting can be traced back to the early settlers of the 1500’s and1600’s. Today, most communities collect food for the poor.

In Korea, Thanksgiving is one of most important holidays, called Chusok. There are 3 days of celebrations with family, a church service to give thanks to God, and special food, like rice cakes called songpyeon. Folk dances done in the hanbok (traditional dress) and gift giving are also popular.

          No matter where we call home, we could all join in singing some traditional hymns, giving thanks to our generous Lord!

         Last weekend the Senior High boys participated in a soccer tournament at ISOI with a few other local teams. The Senior High girls went to cheer them on. Then they all did some Christmas shopping and had dinner. The Junior High students did their shopping in Murree for the name they’d drawn for the Christmas party.

        Decorations have started to appear to brighten our days and remind us that special celebrations are coming! We are now meeting in the dining room for church, where it is nice and warm and we can smell our lunch cooking!



For our Church service this week, a group of musicians played their violins and the cello for the prelude. Joel sang a special song from Handel’s Messiah. The lighting of the first candle of advent introduced this special tradition which began in the 4th century and helps us prepare for His coming. We listened again to Louie Giglio. He encouraged us to make pursuing God the passion of our lives.

 Praises and Prayer Requests:

Praise that many still celebrate Thanksgiving traditions around the world in His name!

Praise for the sunshine and that it’s still warm enough to sit outside at lunchtime!

Praise that Naomi, Tori and I got our visas approved! Keep praying for Aaron’s, as it has been promised!

Pray for new staff to be applying for next year!


MCS Newsletter #14 Nov 21-27, 2013

So much colorful learning takes place here!

 The 8th Grade made graphs in their Math class recently. After gathering responses to their survey questions, they used the information to make circle graphs. Another fun type of activity involved depicting the input and output of equations as a machine. Then the other students had to determine what the equation was.



             At our Chapel, James and David shared about the work they did in Albania for six weeks last summer. They lead football camps and participated in English camps. Through the football outreach, they saw God work and 10 kids came to the youth group and are still coming! The English Camp had 30 kids who wanted to learn English. There were also opportunities to tell them about Jesus. They visited a Roma camp where the church has an outreach and feeding program. Practical things like painting chairs and sorting boxes of supplies were some other jobs they had. They also taught guitar, gave a testimony at youth group, attended a baptism in the sea, hiked to a lake, visited historic sites and enjoyed the food!

            We learned that Tirana, the capital of Albania, has no McDonalds! Shaking the head means yes and nodding the head means no! And the main religions of the country are Islam 70%, Catholic 10% and Orthodox 20%.

Prayer for the country is needed: for the churches to grow in strength and reach out more; and for the camps and outreach projects.

             The German classes recently completed a project celebrating St. Marten’s Day. This German tradition is in honor of a man’s generosity when he gave his coat to a poor man. In German villages, school children still go through the streets with these lanterns, sing songs, and might even get some sweets!



 The Finance and Executive Board meetings took place this week. These groups are made up of a mixture of parents and other group representatives. They discuss policies, staffing and other aspects of operating the school.

 Weekend activities included games and movies for the JH, a movie marathon for the SH and games with Johannes for the Elementary.

 For church Sunday, Eddy Lanz was our speaker. He spoke about our wonderful Savior who died on the cross for us.

 Praises and Prayer Requests:

Praise for the amount of learning these students can absorb every day; from classes, devotions, and activities – they’re all great opportunities!

Praise for the people who serve on our boards and help guide the school.

Pray for the upcoming soccer/badminton tournament.

Pray for the upcoming Christmas celebrations as we make room for Him in our hearts.

Pray for many people who suffer hardship because of the unrest around the country.


 MCS Newsletter #13 Nov 7-20, 2013

We saw our first snowflakes recently, but they didn’t last long! Now the temperatures aren’t too cold and the sun is usually out.

 The Grade 9 led Chapel recently and talked about the armor of God using helmets, swords, shields, etc. that they had made to help us visualize it. They first explained how the Romans used armor then gave the spiritual application from Ephesians.


The Elementary students did an art project to illustrate a famous musical composition, “The Moldau” which musically depicts the river as it travels through the forest, meadows, villages and farm land of Bohemia (the Czech Republic). Their individual paintings were put together to form a very large mural. Beautiful, isn’t it?


Weekend activities recently included a treasure hunt for the Elementary, a sauna day for the Senior High, and a photo competition for the Senior and Junior Highs. The photos below show the creativity needed to portray the topics given to each group to photograph. A kitchen utensil, Balaam and his donkey, Moses and the burning bush, and David killing Goliath were just a few of their results.



 In church on the 10th, the brass group, Seth Noah, Benjamin, DongHyuk, Joel, Dr. Scott and Mrs. Lim accompanied our songs. Dr. Scott helped us look back at the tradition of All Saint's Day and forward to the gathering of saints in heaven. The Elementary performed a special number: “I Sing a Song of the Saints.” We were encouraged to read about some of the famous Christian workers and martyrs.

 Louie Giglio concluded his series in Colossians by saying that we should activate our faith. Step out in faith and live, conquer sin and overcome fear, by His power!

 Most usual classes were suspended for 2 days during the recent national holiday so that everyone would stay off the roads. Students were given plenty of work to do for Thursday and Friday during study halls.

 For Sunday, the 17th, Louie Giglio’s theme was “Life Interrupted.” We should expect and embrace interruptions because God wants to use them to work in and through us.

 One interruption this week was the postponing of the Middle School Soccer/Badminton tournament because of travel concerns. They will try to reschedule soon.

 Recently, Greg Livingstone, a church planter and author visited. (We have his book in our library!)

 Praises and Prayer Requests:

 Praise for God’s protection against the unknown, comfort in disappointment, healing of sickness, and the beauty of His creation in nature and people!

Pray that new staff for next year will be sending in applications soon!

Pray for visas to be granted for several who are still waiting!

Pray for peace in the country, faithfulness and endurance for workers, and comfort and strength for the persecuted.


MCS Newsletter #12 Oct 31-Nov 6, 2013

What do students do at the end of their day when their classes are over?

A variety of things!

I’ve seen students relaxing with a cup of chai and visiting with other students and staff …

Some get together informally to play guitar, practice the drums, piano, etc…




 The Elementary play a lot of games…



Some like to run to get some exercise…

 Sometimes the shop is open and burgers are on sale…

 The Gardening Club work hard to take care of the flower beds and they recently planted bulbs that we will see in the Spring….


Sometimes the CDT club work on their wood projects…

Sports practices are scheduled for after school – currently it’s soccer and badminton…

 The worship teams also practice their songs for church services…

 And there’s always some playing football!

For Chapel on Friday, the participants in Track and Field, Swim and Boys’ Volleyball were recognized and given the medals they had earned in the competitions recently. Sarah, Benjamin, JuYoung, Jonathan, and the relay team of Sarah, Hannah, JuYoung and JuHee all set MCS records in swimming. The MCS records broken in Track and Field were: Emanuel - 3000 M, Hannah - 100 M and Priscilla - shotput.

We recognized the Boys’ Volleyball team for their sportsmanship and positive example. One way they demonstrated this was by singing the chorus of the MCS hymn before their games. Uncle Hans reminded us that God has given gifts to each one of us, whether it is abilities in sports or some other area. Congratulations and thanks again to all who participated!

 We listened to Greg Stier by video in church Sunday, who told of the change that Jesus made in his family and how he is a pastor today. He challenged us to do whatever it takes to get our friends to Jesus: it’s worth the trouble, the risk, and the cost!

 On the weekend, the Junior High played games at Sandes. I saw some that were sneaking around, trying to camouflage themselves using branches!

 The Senior High prepared a progressive dinner for themselves. First they were divided into groups to prepare the appetizer, main course and dessert. Some set up the Rupe lounge with lamps and candles to set a special mood. They proudly served their special foods and enjoyed a relaxed time of visiting.


 *Alumni News*

Gudi, a former MCS teacher, was visiting from Germany along with her husband, Leo and 2 children, Arian and Anila. They really enjoyed their visit and we were glad to have them here!


Praises and Prayer Requests:

Praise for our campuses and the activities that we have.

Praise for such great kids and staff!

Praise for our heaters as the temperatures are dropping quickly!

Pray for our continued safety, for peace in us and in this country.


MCS Newsletter #11 Oct 24-30, 2013

 One way students learn important skills and facts is by making posters.

The Grade 7 Technical drawing class drew a picture for each letter of the alphabet.


 The Grade 8 Home Ec class studied about vitamins and made posters explaining the function of each.


 The Grade 8 Science class made posters depicting the stages of the development of a baby.


 Then the older students had a chance to see their textbooks come alive on their recent AP Bio class trip to Bach Christian Hospital. They observed burn care, foot casts, small surgeries and the girls saw a birth! The boys enjoyed doing an ultrasound on each other! Thanks so much to the hospital staff for hosting them so well and to Dr. Scott and Dr. Janet for organizing the trip!                   

 Joel, DoHoon, Karuna, Naemi, Hanna


For our Chapel, we made an imaginary trip to Camp Mubarak through pictures and a talk by Mr.  Simon and Apphia. The camp began over 50 years ago. Apphia attended camps there as a young person and now is the director. This year there were 48 camps, 2200 attendees, and 100 decisions for Christ. There are camps for youth, pastors, Bible courses, prayer, and training. Recently they completed the remodeling of the kitchen and bathrooms, added a rain collection system, and dug a well. No more water shortages! Future projects include central heating, kitchen equipment, replacing old retaining walls and adding several rooms for the elderly or others who come with special needs. They have seen many miracles as God has provided for the camp year after year. Our students and staff have been able to help on some projects and we all enjoy our visits there.

On Sunday, Louie Giglio continued his messages on Colossians. We should let God shape us like a lump of clay and live in the truth of the value that God says we have.

 Recently the Senior class was invited to sell some of their calendars through a friend who has been very helpful in their project.

 Staff enjoy going to their conferences. Recently a special occasion was celebrated –

the engagement of Nora and Hubert!


 Praises and Prayer Requests:

Praise for Camp Mubarak and how it is a blessing to so many. Pray for safety, provision and continued spiritual fruit.   

Praise for Bach Christian Hospital and its service in the name of our Lord.

Pray for the grade 12 students as they consider life after MCS and as they apply to universities.

Pray for Nora and Hubert as they make plans for their future.

Pray for stability and peace in this country and for safety in travel.


MCS Newsletter #10 Oct 17-23, 2013

 This year’s theme for Carnival was Time Machine!

 The Grade 11students and parents have been planning for months and then worked late the night before to create a feeling of traveling back through space and time. We were met by aliens; a huge plant that made oxygen to support life on the moon; and other space travelers who served us food.


We were treated to manicures, mehndi and haircuts in the various sectors of the universe.


There were the usual popular activities like “Love Cuffs,” the jail, the silent auction, bowling, and the sweepstakes drawing.

There were also some new areas like video games and karaoke.

We adjourned to the dining room where Auntie Stephanie raised lots of money with her enthusiastic style of auctioning delicious-looking pies!

After a short break for supper, we were transported to another time – France in 1789!  There were plenty of swords and fighting as we acted out breaking through a barricade and climbed ropes to storm the Bastille in the French revolution.

We could try our skill at archery, the trebuchet and jousting on horseback! Some unlucky losers lost their heads in the guillotine!


Noah, Havilah, EunJohng, Tori, Helen, Grace, Song, Stephen and their advisors, Mr. and Mrs. Healey, spent a lot of time creating the sets and props like swords, the trebuchet and jousting horses.

A great time was had by all – Thank you Class of 2015!

The class would like to thank Miss Lynn for the inspiration for the theme; everyone who helped in the planning, set up and clean up; those who donated food; Mr. and Mrs. Healey for all of their effort, food preparation and work in CDT; and Johannes for being available and willing to help with whatever was needed!

 In other news:

Workers are building a cover for the steps that lead up from the church building toward the dining room. This will protect us from the snow, icy steps, rain and monkeys!


 We enjoyed a Music Chapel on Friday which highlighted songs from the old American slavery traditions which spoke of the desire for both physical and spiritual freedom.

On Sunday we watched another Louie Giglio video message from Colossians. He did a wonderful job of picturing for us the great news that we are in Christ, He is in us and we are in God, illustrated by putting plastic containers inside each other. With our new identity and position we don't have to feel alone or powerless!

 Praises and Prayer Requests:

Praise for a great Carnival, many guests, nice weather, and people being able to work together to create such a fun time!

Praise for our maintenance team who does so many things for us without complaint – from changing light bulbs; to building the shelter over the walkway; to fixing our transformer!

Continue to pray for the many that were affected by the Peshawar attack. Some have just recently passed away from their wounds. Pray for God’s comfort.


MCS Newsletter #9 Oct 3-16, 2013

On the last day before our break, we had some of the new staff share in our chapel time. Tanya spoke of being raised in an MK boarding school in Ivory Coast, Africa. Her awareness of God’s unconditional love has been a valuable lesson she has learned since then.

Johannes grew up in the church and he shared how he has grown from a faith based on understanding to a stronger one felt with the heart.

Stephan spoke of the long wait he had for his visa. But looking back, he has seen this as a good thing because it gave him time to spend with his grandfather who was ill.

A couple of weeks ago, Mr. Simon and his family visited with many hospital patients that were injured in the recent church attack in Peshawar. They offered support, prayers and medicines to treat burns. Please pray that there will also be healing for spiritual and emotional wounds.  Many who were killed were leaders of churches and other organizations. Some entire families were killed. In some, only one child was left. Our desire is to help the injured grow in their faith and to get physical therapy and emotional and spiritual counseling to deal with loss of limbs and families.

At the beginning of each year we have an MCS staff social. This year we were treated to a very nice dinner at the nearby Pearl Continental Hotel. We enjoyed a relaxing evening of visiting and good food.


Over the October break, nine boys and Uncle Hans travelled to Sri Lanka for the SAISA volleyball tournament.  The players were: Benjamin, Jonathan, Jair, Rohit, Sameer, EunJohng, Stephen, David and Joel. Many people around the world were able to watch some of the games via the internet.

They played 9 games altogether. Our team won 3 games and placed 7th out of 10 teams.  The top 3 teams were TAISM from Oman, first; Dhaka from Bangladesh was second; KAS from Karachi was third.

Our team very often got complements for having a great spirit while playing the games, as well as when they were spectators. The hosting parents spoke very positively about the students’ manners and behaviour. This type of setting really shows the integrity and spiritual maturity of MCS students!

The school of Colombo did a very good job of hosting. It was good to socialise with other teams and get to know the coaches.

The boys were even able to spend some time on the beach!

All in all, it was a great experience for all involved.

Great job guys – we’re proud of you! And thank you Hans!

Praise and Prayer Requests:

Praise for a good break from school and that all returned safely and on time.

Praise that our volleyball team was a good representation of MCS and Jesus in Sri Lanka! 

Praise for our great staff who have such a deep faith and are so dedicated.

Continue to pray for those who have been devastated by the recent attacks in Peshawar and that the church will practice forgiveness and show un

MCS Newletter #8 Sept 26-Oct 3, 2013

MCS had very successful Track and Swim meets! The heat made the events more challenging, but we managed to win first overall in Track and Field and 2nd in the Swim events!


Here are some of the Track and Field stats:

10 years in a row, MCS is the overall winner at T&F!

Total Individual entries: 132    Total Relay entries: 20

Individual medals: Gold 42, Silver 26, and Bronze 20

Relay medals: Gold 32, Silver 4 and Bronze 4

3 MCS records were broken during T&F!

Here are some swimming stats:

Total Individual entries: 44

Total Relay entries: 8

Individual medals: Gold 8, Silver 8, and Bronze 9

Relay medals: Gold 8, Silver 8

7 MCS records were broken during the Swim event!

I hope to have more details in the next newsletter.

Thanks to Hans for organizing all the details and coaching. And thanks to our other coaches: Ulrike, Stephanie, Matthew; and to Manu, Josef and JuHee

for helping at the meets!

There were also some Volleyball tournaments just for fun and practice. Some of our senior boys will be going to Sri Lanka over the break for the SAISA Volleyball tournament.

The Elementary students have been making some very useful projects in CDT. One is a clock with movable hands to teach younger children how to tell time, and another is a rabbit puzzle. Fun and educational!

Mr. Simon and his family visited the injured in Peshawar on Sunday and took gifts of medicines and cash from MCS. We are thankful that they can represent us and convey our sympathies. More information will be in the next newsletter.

Praises and Prayer Requests:

Praise for great Track and Swim meets!

Praise for our dedicated MCS Board who met this week.

Continue to pray for the families of those who have lost loved ones and those who are injured from attacks and earthquakes. The recent attack has deeply affected the Christian community around the country.

MCS Newletter #7 Sept 19-25, 2013

Walking around the campus on this sunny day I could tell what some people were doing just by what I smelled! I smelled paint being used by the maintenance workers in a staff house; I smelled the wonderful pizzas that the Grade 8 Home Ec class were baking;


 And the smell of fish came from our kitchen as the Korean parents prepared a “Korean Culture Feast” for our lunch! We enjoyed prawns, cucumber kimchi, Muk, Jabchae and Tteok, with Yaksik for dessert. (ask a Korean!) The Elementary students decorated the dining room with colorful drawings of Korean culture. We would like to thank the Korean Society of Pakistan for the funds that provided this delicious traditional food and all the parents who worked so hard!


Did you know that last Thursday was “International Talk Like a Pirate Day”? Well, it’s true! Mr. Miller, Miss Warwick and Miss Piper managed to talk like a pirate and look like one too! Arrgh, Matey!


In our chapel time we divided up into various language groups to pray for the ministries that the parents of our students are involved in around the country. 

Mr. Miller spoke on Sunday about the marathon of faith. God stretches us and helps us in our training to make us stronger. We shouldn’t give up in spite of hardships, but keep our eye on the goal to hear “well done” at the end.

We had a Café night on the weekend, where the students put together a great line-up of acts to entertain parents, staff and students! The band opened with 2 numbers and an octet, a men’s quartet and a girls’ quartet all sang songs. We heard lots of very nice piano music and also enjoyed lively numbers by the brass group and the string ensemble. The Pakistani music class sang and played their instruments. The Smash Moonkeys are always a hit. The Grade 8 Drama class performed a scene from The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. They had worked hard to memorize all their lines! Several girls danced to a fun song and another group closed the show with a Bollywood dance. We even had them do an encore! Noah and David did a great job as MC’s, including telling jokes! It’s great to see the artistic talent here in our students! Thanks everyone!

Leading up to the Track and Field and Swim meets this week we have had ‘Spirit days’. Each day we could dress up as something that starts with the letters ‘M C S’. Monday we saw a mouse, a Maths Dunce, a magician and McDonalds! Ricky and Havi won for the day.


Tuesday we saw a camel, caterpillars, cats, a cupcake, a climber, cool people and a cowboy! David’s Charlie Chaplin and Mr. Healey’s calculator won.

Wednesday we saw scientists, the sea, Sleeping Beauty, Sponge Bob, a 60’s person, a Starbucks coffee, and a stinging bee. Jodie’s snow leopard and Miss Warwick’s spider won for our final day.

Praises and Prayer Requests:

Praise for the arrival of new staff, Emma and Tanya, and the return of Harry. We are very glad they are here!

Pray for the hundreds of people directly affected by the tragedy in Peshawar. Also pray for the believers in this country as they feel very vulnerable. Pray that the leaders will respond in helpful ways to improve the situation.

Pray for the devastation and loss of lives because of the recent earthquake.


MCS Newletter #6 September 12-18, 2013

There’s something new at MCS!  We were able to purchase new desks and chairs for some of the classrooms. Here, Grade 9 demonstrates one of the ways they can be arranged for better class discussion. The new chairs will give better back support.



The Track and Field and Swim teams have been putting a lot of effort into practicing for their upcoming meets at ISOI. Saturday was spent practicing in Islamabad and getting used to running in the heat!

The Elementary also had a day in Islamabad. They told me about the exciting play things at Jinnah Park, eating at McDonald’s and shopping!


The Grade 7 took charge of the chapel this week. The book of Daniel records the exciting story of the vision of King Belshazzar. Their skit acted out the scene in the banquet hall where the King sees the handwriting on the wall! Daniel interprets the message that his kingdom will end. We should also heed God’s warnings to us.


                                                                                                                                 Emanuel, Ricky, Sarah, Simran, Juhwan

Then we welcomed Jonathan Binder, a former student who was here for a brief visit. He encouraged us with his story of his years here, starting when he was 4 years old! He graduated in 2012. His best memories are the monkeys, the classes and the friends in boarding. He has completed a German orientation for one year which included Bible school, discipleship training and three practical mission trips in Germany and Romania. He will work or attend university for medicine.  His advice to students is to enjoy school and have a good attitude, even when things are difficult. That’s something we can a

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