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A few more photos of skip in Lahore.  March 2012

The 11th grade did a great job of interior decorating for a surprise in the Senior's Lounge for their return from skip!

For a class of all boys - their room looks really girly!

Grace and Lizzy enjoy the dressing table complete with nail polish!


More photos of the Cake Baking Competition!   Added Feb, 2012

Below are the other finished creations...

Here is the 'Pink Fluffy Unicorn' castle

This one was called 'Starry Night'

Here is 'Fish Fredddy'

And the 'Aztec Shrine'


February 2012

Here are some pictures from the recent snows!

At least someone is enjoying the playground!



More music pictures added Dec 6, 2011

Cafe' Night

More pictures from the Grade 10 hike!    Nov 21, 2011

DoHoon, Rohail and Joel - supper and sunset.

Leader, Tom, takes a break.

More Carnival pictures!   Nov 14, 2011

The Target practice range...

Wooden swords sold out quickly!

Seth has lots of prizes!

The adults had fun too! There was mendhi...

Kirsty and Amy try jousting...

Parent helpers were kept busy!

Can you guess who this is?


Added November 1, 2011

The Junior High enjoyed their Medieval Night!


The tradition of painting the Senior Lounge is completed for another year!

This is part of the Class of 2012's design...

There has been lots of sports action lately!



MCS won overall and set some new school records!

Track and Field....

MCS won overall! These age groups also won their divisions:

Girls and Boys, 15+

Boys 13-14

Girls and Boys 10-12

The 4 senior boys set a new school record in the 4x400 relay!


Here are more photos from our recent Spirit Week!

On Fairy Tale Day - Princesses Claudia and Havilah!

Eddie and the 'Sword and the Rock!'

Princesses Naemi, Hanna, HyoJi, Karuna and Sitayesh, the Wicked Witch!

Little Red Riding Hood Heather!

Josh, Joel and Benjamin

Aman as Humpty Dumpty!

On 'V' Day - Grade 7 as Vampire Vets

Poor Victim, Eddie!

Here are some more recent photos...

Junior High Campout:

Smore's around the campfire!


Seth smiles even in the rain!


A recent weekend activity for the Senior High - they were given props and words and had to create a skit using them. It looks like a fun time!

Kris, Jamie and Jonathan

Felix, Samuel, and James play their parts.

Micha looks very fancy!

Is this DoHoon??

Some pictures from the end of our school year 2011.




Banquet Grade 12

Banquet Grade 11

Banquet Grade 10

These photos were added March 8, 2011

World Maths Day!

There were many fun activities involving estimating the number of peanuts or candies in a jar...

...Maths riddles and other games. Unfortunately, we could not compete in the online portion of the world-wide competition because our internet was not working.

The Senior Class Skip 2011! Lots of fun from eating, to football, an amusement park, paintball and just relaxing!

A recent Middle School Basketball tournament at LAS:


Here are a few photos from the Elementary Cafe Night!

Photos added February 14, 2011

Snow at MCS is beautiful and fun!

How many of you remeber the walk up Sandes hill in the snow?

The Elementary have made posters in the process of learning about the Water Cycle in Science.

Photos from January and February, 2011

Grade 10 History class visited this nearby site commemorating a British regiment.

We recently celebrated the birthday of the Scottish poet, Robert Burns...

Ewan ceremoniously presented the traditional main dish, the haggis.

He read the poem, "Ode to the Haggis" as he cut it open.

A meat mixture cooked in a sheep's stomach!

After supper, the first competition was the "Welly" Toss!

Mr. Crouch showed us the technique of the Caber toss...

Rebecca and Graham performed a Scottish song.

There was a "war" between Scotland and England...

We heard some of Robbie Burns' famous poems.

We tried to learn some of the Scottish folk dance steps!

Thanks Valerie and Ewan for a fun evening!

Snow fun!

Luke (class of 2009) returned to help out for a couple of weeks. Here he coaches girls' basketball in PE.

These photos were added January 24, 2011

We always have a fun Christmas party!

We had a combined Christmas service with St. Margaret's Church at Camp Mubarak.

Our Elementary students put together shoe boxes full of small gifts for children in the Sindh.

Some of our High School students were able to travel to a village to help distribute aid to flood victims.

The Elementary studied volcanoes then made their fun colors!

Our AP Biology class gets experience at Bach Christian Hospital, Qalandarabad

....and gets to do some fun dissecting in class!


Some recent sports events:

Saisa Middle School Volleyball and Soccer

Here are some Carnival photos   November 18, 2010

Photos added November 10, 2010

Here are more photos from our recent Track and Field Meet!


Boys 10-12 trophy

Benjamin at the Shot Put

Colleen in the Long Jump

Grace passes the baton to Colleen

Jennifer and Lizzy

Jonas and Ben

Micha passes the baton to Graham



Our proud team with first place!

Photos added October 7, 2010

The Elementary enjoyed the pool at ISOI!

Our Cafe Night was a relaxing time of music and fun!

Grade 7/8 History class created a skit about medieval times.

Here are some photos from the Grade 10 hiking adventure, September 24-26, 2010

Our Art classes took a field trip to some Islamabad art galleries.


These are some pictures from our chapel on September 10 honoring Mr. Albert's 25 years of service at MCS!

It was also his 50th birthday!

Thank you Mr. Albert for the work you have done for MCS: Urdu teacher and also created the curriculum, Auto Mechanics teacher, and Physical Plant Manager.........and so much more!

Many students took part in skits portraying the many responsibilities Mr. Albert has had around MCS. Here they demonstrated Mr. Albert's ability to fix cars!

We had our annual Physics class 'Egg Drop' contest!

Pictures added September 8, 2010 from our Fun Run which raised money for the flood victims.

Pictures from August 27, 2010

The Senior Class of 2011 are nearly finished with their creative painting of their lounge!

The Elementary students made posters about themselves and we can all enjoy them on the notice board!

These pictures were added August 19, 2010

As our new school year starts, thank you for praying for this country and the devastation caused by the flooding! There have been some landslides nearby and the rains have affected many of the local people's houses, including some of our National Staff. Situations are much worse in most of the rest of the country.

Some students and staff helped clear a mudslide near a local camp. Thankfully, no buildings were harmed.

Students put together bundles of food which then were distributed by some staff to flood victims in a nearby area.

These pictures were added June 8, 2010

here are our graduates and a few pictures from the last week!




Matthias and his Viking village house


Thanking the Thieme's for being house parents for the Elementary for two years.


Miss Palmer, Elementary teacher


these photos were added May 27, 2010

Some Junior High girls all dressed up for Formal!

Grade 7 with Miss Lynn

Grade 8 with Mr. and Mrs. Armistead

Grade 9 with Mr. and Mrs. Crouch

Auntie Stephanie and YoHan

The CDT class researched, built and tested bridge designs. Andy and Josua's bridge design held up under 50 kg before breaking!

The Elementary had a trip to a park and the zoo in Islamabad.

Here's an example of 'Junk Art' made by the Elementary.

Here is the English 9 class and their project of desiging a stage set.

Here are some games that the Grade 8 Christian Studies class created based on stories from Genesis or Exodus.

The Grade 8 students enjoyed a game of Croquet at Sandes.



These pictures were added May 14, 2010

Our students performed the Agatha Christie mystery drama, "Appointment With Death".

It was a wonderful performance and kept us guessing about the ending right up until the last!








The director was our English teacher, Ms. Kosek. She did a wonderful job!


We enjoyed several pieces of special music by our band on Easter.

We had a SAISA West track meet at ISOI April  16,17

Thanks to coaches Phil and Ben!


These pictures were added April 12, 2010

Some of our band members were on hand to play a musical send off to Middle School boys and girls basketball teams as they left for a tournament in Lahore.

The 7th grade science class took a field trip to the Jhelum River valley.

A check representing the funds raised by our students, especially the Elementary students, was presented to Dr. Scott, who will see that it is sent to help the relief efforts in Haiti.

Over Rs 48,000!

We participated in World Maths Day in March.

Our students competed against other students around the world on the computer, doing as many math problems as they could in a certain amount of time.


During our lunch break, there were fun acitivities for everyone like calculator races, and estimating the number of jelly beans in a jar.

The Middle School boys participated in a basketball and soccer tournament in Islamabad in February.

Many students take music lessons. Here, MinHa plays her violin.

These pictures were added February 15, 2010

Here are some of our group of students and staff who went to Kathmandu, Nepal for the SAISA Music Festival in February.


Back at MCS during a recent snow...


The 8th Grade Science field trip to the Jhelum River valley - where it was warmer!


The Elementary have been making crafts to sell so they can raise money to send to the relief efforts in Haiti.


Junior High Boarding held their Open House Night where we could all visit their creatively decoarated rooms!

This is the 'Papua Inn' complete with authentic blow dart gun!

Here is an 'Island' room that had great ice cream sundaes!

Here is a 'Coffee House' with a great relaxed atmosphere and wonderful hospitality.

We recently celebrated the birthday of famous Scottish poet, Robbie Burns.

We learned some Scottish dances....

and heard poetry about the serving of the traditional dish, haggis.

There were also our versions of Scottish games like the tossing of the caber.

There were lots of plaids that night!

The Grade 12 successfully 'skipped' and spent a couple of days at the Karachi beach for fun and relaxation in January!





More pictures December 22, 2009

The Elementary Christmas program

Our swim team receives their awards at a recent chapel.

Joey and Joel on the Award stand at the Karachi swim meet last October


Esther wins a first.


Here are more pictures added December 10, 2009

Cafe Nights are always filled with fun, food and great music!

GAP student Theo on the French Horn with Dr. Scott on the piano.


 Eddy, Laurel, James, Scott, Jair and John have fun around the piano.


HyungJin on the piano accompanies John on the saxophone.


A tree with colorful autumn leaves in a brief, surprise snowfall.

Here are more pictures added November 25, 2009

A group of AP Biology students had the wonderful opportunity of spending 2 days at Bach Christian Hospital observing operations and other duties of the medical staff there.

Future doctors???


Our CDT Elementary class enjoys learning how to use woodworking tools to make fun projects.

MinHa hammers on her project.


Matthias plans his next project.


DongHyuk uses a drill.

Seth saws some wood.

Mr. Olson helps Matthias and Tobias on their projects.

Many of our Middle School students were able to compete in a soccer/volleyball tournement in Islamabad recently.



These pictures were added November 17, 2009

The Junior High held their Cake Baking Competition in boarding recently. They had to work together to follow the recipe to make something delicious and also use their imaginations to make something creative!

Time for judging!

This Christmas tree and presents won the taste category.  It's a cinnamon chocolate cake and  the recipe came out of our new MCS cookbook!

This Viking ship and sea monster won the artistic category.

The presentation award went to this bed.

This 'yellow submarine' won for originality - they even sang the song!

The Grade 9 class was recently invited to their homeroom teachers' house, the Crouch's, for brunch and games.

It is a beautiful autumn around Murree, as this picture taken on a recent walk shows.

The Junior High spent a day taking the chairlifts at Patirata, hiking,and enjoying the shops and a pinic.


These pictures were added November 5, 2009

Here are pictures from the beautiful wedding of Simon's sister and Sharif's daughter, Samina to Benadict on September 28.

Best wishes to the happy couple as they make their home in Gujranwala.


The Elementary classes made a trip recently to the archaelogical site of Taxila

and the ancient Greek city of Sirkap.


The Elementary classes have been studying Greek and Roman civilizations recently. Here is MinHa with her project.

Matthias works on the computer.

Jonas is making a Roman helmet.

Aman and DongHyuk work on their helmet.

Colleen wrote on a papyrus and made up something like the Greek alphabet.

We recently honored Mr. Simon for his 30 years of faithful service at MCS!

It also happened to be his 50th birthday!

Here is Mr. Simon with his wife, Apphia and their children, Sitayesh and Aman

And below is a picture of Mr. Simon in a 'previous' year!

The following were added October 7, 2009

We had a Spirit Week - to show off our school spirit!

Ashley, Graham and Anita dressed up as Michael Jachson, Mr. Bean and Audrey Hepburn for Celebrity Day!

Here are some 60's outfits and crazy hair!

Naemi, Karuna and Grace


James with creative designs!

Naemi and Karuna on Look-alikes day.

Lizzy on 60's Day.........Peace!

The following were added September 30, 2009

The Junior High had their campout recently and hiked up Mukshupuri.

Yohan plays guitar while others listen.

Ewan's crazy hair day!

Frisbee on Mukshupuri.

Will Jordan catch it?

These pictures added September 22, 2009



Mrs. Jones and the Grade 11 class

Using Denarii to purchase food from the delicious buffet.

Rod gets good prices for pies at the auction.

TC waits to serve customers.

Amy, Lucy and Chris get their picture taken in Rome.

Valerie and Ewan dress up for their picture

Cath has her son, John, for a slave!

Luke and Eddie show off their swords and shields.

Mrs. Lee offers to cut hair.

Intricate Mehndi design.

Harry helps Lucy on the climbing wall.



The Physics class prepares their inventions to see if their eggs will land safely when dropped from the physics classroom to the gym below.

Luke and Duncan and their winning design.


Chanyang and HyungJin

Daniel and his design.

The drop!

Miss Lucy and DongHyuk and Shawn at Elementary Spiritual Emphasis Weekend.

Colleen and MinHa play with the puppies.


Jonas and Matthias playing a game.


Recent sunset over Murree



High School building, former Garrison Church.
MCS in Winter

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