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Sitayesh, Aman, and Shawn

October 2011

All of you, of course, will know Mr. Simon & Mr. Albert and their families, and the many years of service they have given to MCS.

As you may remember, we set up a scholarship fund two years ago in order to enable these three students of our National Contract Staff to get a quality Christian education. The students have done very well, and from the generous gifts from donors like you, the fees have been covered 100%!! We hope that the testimonies below from the parents of the students in the scholarship program will encourage you. Thank you to those of you who have donated to this fund!

From Simon & Apphia Malik... This is the third year for Sitayesh and Aman at Murree Christian School. It has only been possible because of the kind consideration of the Board, as they opened the MCS doors to our children and set up the Scholarship fund. This has been well supported by God's people who have put money into it. We thank God for all of this and would also like to extend our gratitude to all those who are supporting us.

Sitayesh is in grade 10 now (hard to believe) and is doing very well. Academically she works hard and keeps up with her class, as all the kids in this class are smart and are at the top level. Socially she has fitted well. Even though she is not involved in boarding life she enjoys spending time with her class. Spiritually she is getting stronger and needs more encouragement, like all teenagers.

Aman is in grade 6 and we greatly appreciate all his former and present teachers who have worked with him to bring him to this stage where he has developed a basic understanding of learning. The present staff is working with him with great devotion and care. Socially he is doing great and has developed some real friendships with boys of his age as well as older boys. He has recently accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as savior and is enthusiastic to follow Him.

Apphia and I feel that these are God's children and He will continue to provide for them and use them to serve Him in years to come.

From Albert & Akhtar Sadiq... On 10th March 1969 I, Albert, moved to Murree with my parent's job at MCS. The ground was covered with snow, and since the floor of the room where I slept at night was made of wood strips, I could hear and feel the wind as it passed through these at night. I had no one to look after me during the day, so on the first day I came with my parents to MCS. It was a place of neat, clean, and beautiful children. I felt so sorry that I could not understand these good looking children.

Time has passed by in the blink of eye. And now I see my own son Shawn as one of the neat and clean children - to me it is a miracle. We praise the Lord every day for that and for you who take a big part to enable Shawn to study in MCS. Shawn is in grade 8 now, doing fine in his education. He is 14 years old and for his age group physically he is a mature and strong boy. He likes athletics and football which he would like to play in the future. He is becoming strong in his Christian faith and developing into a fine young man. Last June he was baptized at MCS.

We are thankful to you for sponsoring Shawn for his education. We request you to please continue doing that. Thank you very much.


So as you can see, the lives of those in the scholarship program have been greatly affected for good, both academically as well as spiritually. The scholarship fund is provided on an annual basis. The larger percentage of the school fees come from the fund, and the parents pay the remaining percentage. Can I ask you to consider adding your support for Aman, Sitayesh, and Shawn for this current year?

Thank you for your consideration. May God bless you!

Please contact us at for instructions on making a contribution.

In Him, David Howe

Director Murree Christian School




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