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What to bring


The following suggested clothing list is a guide only, and when packing please bear in mind that laundry is washed only once a week, and the weather in Murree varies from snow and cold to wet and temperate weather. In the summer months it can be quite warm in Murree so you will need a light blanket as well as a duvet for the colder months. PLEASE ensure that EVERYTHING is clearly named, as follows: inside back of collar, waistbands, top inside socks, inside shoes. Items, which are to be laundered, must be marked with name-tags. Indelible ink is not sufficient as it fades. Toys, cameras, balls, etc. should be clearly marked with a permanent marker. The school will not take responsibility for unnamed belongings. Trunks or bister rolls should be used if possible, and keys should be clearly named and given to the houseparents. Maximum size of trunks – 35 inches long, 19 inches deep, 14 inches high. Jams, jellies, spreads, juices or powdered drinks such as Tang or Milo can be kept by Elementary children in assigned cupboards in the house parents flat, and by High School students, in their rooms in air tight containers. These must be clearly named also.

Skateboards/roller blades may be brought into boarding if the appropriate protective gear i.e. helmet, elbow, hand and knee guards, are provided. Children in grades 4 to 6 may bring Game Boys if they are clearly marked and kept under the care of the house parent.

What not to bring

Students are advised not to bring expensive or valued items into boarding. Students are also asked not to bring money into boarding. Elementary students are not permitted to bring mobile phones, walkmans, radios, stereos, or bicycles into boarding.
Pocket and penknives with a blade of over 4 inches are not allowed. (Smaller ones must be kept under care of the house parents.) Fireworks, flick /military knives, air rifle, and similar weapons are not permitted. Tobacco, drugs, and alcoholic beverages in any form are not allowed.
Students in grades 10-12 may bring personal computers in to boarding. However, personal computers are not to contain or be used for movies or videos or for any material (such as clip art, games and sound clips) which do not meet MCS standards.



Blankets/bedspreads/duvets with covers and/or quilts necessary for both cold and warmer weather

1 pillow
2 pillow cases
2 sets of sheets
1 sleeping bag

hot water bottle, optional (students are not allowed electric blankets)

8 shirts/T-shirts/blouses

5 sweaters/cardigans

5-8 pairs trousers/jeans/track-pants, light & heavy

10-12 pairs of socks cotton & warm

10 pairs underpants

5 singlets / vests / under shirts / thermals

6-8 bras

3 pairs pyjamas (for warm and cool weather)

1 dressing gown/housecoat

2 Shalwar Kameez - boys /girls 2-5

1 good outfit for special occasions

2 sets P.E. uniforms

1 pair black soccer socks

1 pair black plain soccer shorts

Sun hat / Cap

Warm hat (beanie) & Scarf

2 pairs gloves/mittens

1-2 warm coats for rain and snow, snow pants

1 light jacket

Swim suit (girls - 1 piece)

Tie (for boys)



nail clipper/scissors

toothbrush & toothpaste

brush &/or comb

3 towels with hanging loops

2 small hand towels with hanging loops

3 washcloths with hanging loops

shampoo & conditioner

soap / shower gel

Mosquito repellent

sun block cream


1 pair of sandals / chuppells

1 pair warm slippers

boots for rain and snow

1-2 pair everyday shoes / tennis shoes (sneakers)

1 pair dress shoes

1 pair of soccer boots

spare laces


1 bag or small case for breaks/weekends away

alarm clock

flash light/torch (unbreakable) & batteries

shoe brushes & polish


Bible & devotional notes

ornaments/family photos / books/comics (not too many)

6-12 hangers (as a donation to MCS when you leave)

Large cup or bowl (suitable for noodles/soup & microwavable)

1 plastic tumbler (cup)

Water bottle (min. 1 litre)

Shin pads

spare name tags

Electrical adaptors (if required)

Feastings in air tight containers

Classroom Supplies:

Colored Pencils - Markers

Compass for drawing circles


Ruler, 30 cm, inches

Pencil Case




Memory stick, if desired







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