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About MCS

About MCS

General Information

Murree Christian School is a small boarding school located at over 7000ft in the foothills of the Himalayan mountains in Pakistan. Founded in 1956 to educate the children of missionaries who serve in Pakistan and neighbouring countries Murree Christian School currently accepts students in grades 4-12. Staff and students come to Pakistan from around the world – North America, UK and other European countries, Korea, Australia and New Zealand.The essential philosophy of Murree Christian School is to maintain a school in which a high quality of Christian education may be offered in a Christian atmosphere.

Murree Christian School exists so that students may learn. We believe that students need to learn, enjoy learning so they can learn, and that learning occurs both inside and outside of the classroom. Murree Christian School believes that the Bible and Christian experience are essential to the fullest well-being of students and acts accordingly. As a Christian boarding school Murree Christian School has a unique role to play in the lives of its students encouraging independence and responsibility and of being a home away-from-home. 


Philosophy of Education

In accordance with the Bible, Murree Christian School holds that:

  1. God is the source of all truth. Christian education is about the quest for truth. God reveals the nature of truth in the person of his Son, Jesus Christ. He gives the Holy Spirit to lead us into all truth.

  2. God is the source of all knowledge. Christian education is about the quest for knowledge. God has made himself known in history in the person of his Son, Jesus Christ. He gives the Holy Spirit to make himself known personally in the present.

  3. God is the source of all wisdom. Christian education is about the quest for wisdom, the ability to use knowledge to the honour of God. The humility of God's wisdom is demonstrated in the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

  4. People do not exist in a spiritual, moral or social vacuum. They are created by God to live in right relationship with Him, with others and with the world.

  5. A person cannot be educated into a right relationship with God. It is the sovereign work of God to change the human heart. Christian education is about seeking truth, excellence in the pursuit of knowledge, and growing in wisdom through discipleship.

  6. The school's most vital role is to provide a caring, learning environment in which young people are able to find and develop an authentic, Christ-centred relationship with God.


Murree Christian School seeks to recognize:
  1. The unique value, gifts and abilities of each individual student and staff member.

  2. The value of the families it serves.

  3. Differences in the learning styles and abilities; physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual development; and cultural orientations of its students.


Murree Christian School strives to:
  1. Serve and support the Christian mission community by providing relevant, quality educational services for the children of missionaries, primarily in a Christian boarding school setting. As it is able, the school will offer services to those pursuing alternative approaches to the education of their children, and to support the mission community in the wider region.

  2. Build on the unique sense of family within the whole missionary community in Pakistan and of extended family across the world.

  3. Maintain a sense of unity, identity and purpose as a multi-cultural, multi-denominational community located in an Islamic country.

  4. Relate positively to those who hold world-views different from its own.

  5. Encourage students and staff to appreciate the physical beauty and cultural diversity of Pakistan.

  6. Reach out and serve those in need.


Psalm 119:90a – Your faithfulness continues through all generations… 

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