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General Information

Murree Christian School was established primarily to meet the educational needs of the missionary community working in and around Pakistan. Applications are accepted from families working in other areas who understand the historical evangelical Christian background of the school and do not object to its being taught to all students. Current host country regulations prevent the school from enrolling students from a Muslim background.

Please complete an application form and mail/email it to Murree Christian School along with the $50 US non-refundable application fee and recent school report cards. The deadline to receive applications is the 1st of April. Once we have received the above items we may contact you for an interview. Acceptance of applicants from an English as a Second Language (ESL) background will be conditional on their English proficiency and prior schooling experience. Once a student had been accepted, you will need to provide proof of imununizations.

Contact us for instructions on making a deposit into an MCS bank account.


Application Form

The Student Application Form can be found here
Application Form - Admissions

Fee Schedule

Please contact the school.
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