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English Second Language Course


MCS aims to provide quality education to students from all cultures, and we welcome and value the diversity and richness that each culture brings to our school. We believe that no student should be disadvantaged because of his or her language background, and we welcome and nurture each student to ensure their success.


This diversity brings with it challenges as we seek to educate ESL students with a fluctuating staff. The following ESL Admission Policy seeks to address this.


All prospective students to MCS will be assessed for English proficiency if their mother tongue is not English. This assessment will include the completion of an IDEA Proficiency Test, an evaluation of the student’s educational history, evidence of the student’s motivation to be successful and learn, and the level of mother tongue proficiency.


MCS encourages parents to enrol their ESL students as early in their education as possible.


All ESL applications should be received by MCS by April 1 in the year for which enrolment is applied for, so that testing can be arranged. A fee will be charged for administering the test.


Students entering Grades 4-6 need to achieve Level 2 proficiency in all areas of the IDEA test. In Grades 7-8, Level 2 proficiency and above is required. Students in Grades 9-12 need to be fully proficient in all areas of English and need to obtain a Level 3 and above on the IDEA test. This means that they can function on their own in mainstream classes.


Current students at MCS will not be denied re-enrolment based on their level of English proficiency, but may be required to repeat a year.

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