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Misty Slopes

Misty Slopes

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the deadline for submitting an application for new staff?

Because of the length of time that processing a visa application may take, we would ask that staff applications be sent as early in the preceding school year as possible, or at least 6 months prior to a starting date.

What are the requirements for certification and level of experience of faculty?

We prefer teachers to hold teaching certificates and to be experienced. All staff must be proficient in English.

How are staff appointed?

Staff are appointed to MCS in one of two ways. Usually an applicant applies to a mission organization, which will help with the raising of support to cover travel and monthly expenses.  Occasionally, MCS will offer an applicant a contract, which is normally for at least 2 years and may cover some monthly expenses and some travel.

What is provided for staff?

All staff are provided furnished housing and basic kitchen items and linens.

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