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Graduation Requirements

In Order to Graduate from MCS:

Twenty credits, earned in grades 9-12 are the minimum required in order to graduate, and must include the following:


  • English                            4 credits

  • Mathematics                  2 credits

  • Science                           2 credits

  • Social Studies                2 credits

  • Foreign Language          2 credits

  • Religious Studies           2 credits

  • PE                                    1 credit

  • Practical Subjects          1 credit

  • Other Choices                 4 credits


All students take Religious Studies and PE (unless medically excused) each year.


For students whose mother tongue is other than English, English instruction will be required each year they are in attendance at MCS, either in the form of a regularly scheduled English class or specialised ESL instruction to a defined standard. The foreign language requirement may be waived for these students at the discretion of the Principal.

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