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School Work and Weekend Fun January 18 - February 4, 2015 #19

MCS Newsletter #19 Jan 18 - Feb 4, 2015

We are back at school after the winter break! There have only been a few days of snow. And even when it snowed, it melted quickly keeping the roads clear. As I’m writing this today, it is sunny and we can see the distant mountains with snow on them. Many of you will remember that view!

The 10th Grade Science class has been testing their knowledge of the periodic table of elements by playing games! Actually, they were divided into two groups and each had to create a game first, and then they played them to see how well they could answer the questions the other group made up.

2015 sci.jpg

The 10th grade students are: Seth, Micha, Jonas, Minha, Haeyoung, Benjamin, Hannah, Subin, Jodie and Juhee; Miss Piper is their Science teacher.

The Elementary students are studying the continent of Africa. They have made colorful drums, flags and silhouette pictures of the animal life.

2015 el afr.jpg
2015 el afr2.jpg

The Elementary students are Jeonghyun, Sia and Hyosuk and their teacher is Miss Edwards.

(Today is her birthday and I saw them planning some surprises for her!)

Six students recently took the SAT exam at ISOI. Many seniors have sent in their college applications. Most are waiting to hear whether they have been accepted.

Keep these seniors in your prayers as they look toward their futures: Noah, Havilah, EunJohng, Tori, Helen, Grace and Stephen.

We welcomed Ralph and Dagmar Baron, who arrived in January. In Chapel they shared some of their story. They served in India for 7 years, and then came to this country with their children, Helen, Sarah and Simon, who attended MCS. They taught at MCS from 2000-02, went to Thailand, and most recently, were based in Austria, working in international missions. They have quickly adjusted into their work schedule here and we are glad to have them helping in IT and Sciences.

Sitayesh Malik (Class of 2014) visited our Chapel time to tell us about a program at her college, Forman Christian College, which raises funds for students from poor areas to make attending college possible.

Last week’s Chapel was used for a prayer time mostly for the students’ parents and their ministries.

In church, we’ve started a very good new video series on the Ten Commandments by J. John. The first commandment is: “You shall have no other gods before me.” He explained how we can know if God is really first in our lives by thinking about this simple illustration: F – finances, I – interests, R – relationships, S – schedule, T – troubles.

Last Sunday the second commandment was, “You shall not make any idols” which would be any unfaithfulness or substitution for God.

Weekend activities recently have included: the hiding game of sardines; The Senior High boys enjoyed a day of football at ISOI just with the guys, competing with 3 other schools; The Senior High girls stayed here and were treated to a special taco dinner made by Auntie Kosek along with some karaoke! The Junior High had their Spiritual Emphasis Weekend at Aram in Islamabad. The students spoke highly of the good food and the talks on Joseph that Mr. Lanz gave.

Praise and Prayer Requests:

Praise for the Lord’s protection over our travels during the break.

Praise that the weddings of Matthew and Annie, and Simon and Michelle, went well. Pray for their futures.

Praise for the Barons’ safe arrival and service here.

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