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What Are Students Learning in Classes? February 5-11, 2015 #20

MCS Newsletter #20 Feb. 5-11, 2015

We have had lots of sunshine and dry weather this winter. There were several inches of beautiful snow on Saturday, but we had to play in it quickly because it melted Sunday and now we are back to sunshine. It was even warm enough to start eating lunch outside again! There’s rain in the forecast for next week though.

Our notice boards in classrooms display some of the hard work the students do.

In Religious Studies one group discussed ways the world was prepared for the coming of the Gospel, for example, how the Greek Language united many people groups.

2015 rs 1.jpg

2015 rs 2.jpg

The 7/8 class is studying Genesis; 9th Grade is learning about early Church History; Grade10 just finished studying the New Age movement in their cult section; Grade 11 is presenting the projects they have completed on the minor prophets; and the 12th Grade is looking at the Apostle Peter’s life and writings.

In Grade 10 History, students are looking at the propaganda that was used in WWI and the difference between what was said and what the truth really was.

2015 geo 2.jpg

In the earlier topic of imperialism, they made these posters using each letter of the alphabet to describe situations which were for or against imperialism.

2015 geo 1.jpg

Rehearsals are going well for the MCS Drama planned for April 18. It will be, The Importance of Being Earnest.

In Friday’s Chapel, I took everyone on a fantasy trip to Disneyland! I described putting your trust in Jesus to take you where He wants you to go, like a “Roller Coaster Ride of Faith!”

In Church we continued our video series on the Ten Commandments by J. John. The third one is, “You shall not misuse the name of the Lord your God.”

Weekend activities recently have included: a Junior High movie night, making pizzas, and a snowball fight in the dark!

The Senior High made finger foods like cheese puffs, corn flake chewies, veggies, buffalo chicken dip, caramel corn; and then played board games.

Lots of learning every day at MCS!

Praise and Prayer Requests:

Praise for the sunshine and mild weather!

Praise our ‘new’ 16 passenger van.

Praise for our security systems and guards and the funds to continually upgrade.

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