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Flowers, Food, and Fun Work February 12-18, 2015 #21

The weather forecast was correct! The rain and fog started Sunday night. Now when the bijili goes off it’s quite dark until the generator starts up!

Deb Rupe remembers one February when there was so much snow, they couldn’t see out of the dining room windows until April!

The Class of 2015 sold roses and sweets for Valentine’s Day.

2015 val.jpg
2015 val 3.jpg
2015 val 2.jpg

Aaron’s Grade 7/8 Outdoor Skills class has been working on the skills necessary for surviving in the wilderness. They’ve learned how to be prepared when going out hiking, how not to get lost, how to use a compass, and how to build shelters if necessary.

7-8 Outdoor skilss (13).JPG

Many of the Korean parents made a special trip up to MCS to cook traditional dishes for everyone as part of the holiday of Korean New Year!

What a treat!


Students in Grade 9 Geography are studying a unit on politics, which will culminate in them learning about the political and voting systems of their passport country. So far they have been learning about some basic political concepts, and some different types of government. The class has just finished making models to show who has power, how they maintain their power, and what role the people play in some forms of government.


Matthias and Rohan’s democracy model

Grade 7,8 Geo (16).JPG

Grade 7/8 History are learning about the Age of Exploration. In order to understand the impacts of exploration on both Europe and the Americas, they are briefly studying the Aztec and Inca empires to see how these people lived before European contact. A comparison was made between the social structures of Medieval Europe and the Aztec empire; one task was to create a model to show the similarities and differences between them, as well as to show the responsibilities and obligations different members of the societies had to one another. Ricky’s model

In Chapel we saw a video testimony from LeCrae, a rap artist, whose life was radically changed by the Lord Jesus.

In Church we heard J. John speak on the fourth Commandment, “Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy.” This is designed to honor God and be a blessing for us.

Praise and Prayer Requests:

Praise for the needed rain and the warmer temperatures.

Praise for our leadership team of Mr. Lannon, Mr. Simon, Auntie Stephanie and Miss Warwick!

Pray for Jared Armistead (Class of 2013) in his continuing treatment of bone cancer. JoAnn will join Scott and Jared this week in Virginia. Pray for healing; and for the whole family; peace and trust; that personal faith and relationships will grow stronger through this experience; wisdom in decisions.

Pray for the visa process for Isaiah and Diana Loong to go smoothly so they can come as Boarding staff for next year; Also for the Raiters, and the 3 GAPS!

Pray for others to apply to cover our staff needs for next year: house parents, ESL, Korean, Nurse, Online Studies Coordinator. We will need a Director at least by 2016-17.

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