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Senior Skip February 19-25, 2015 #22

The Class of 2015 went on the traditional SKIP last weekend. They enjoyed a visit to Lahore, seeing the Badshai Mosque, the Lahore Fort, the Salt Mines, a theme park and finished in Islamabad with ATV riding, a 3D movie and shopping. They didn’t try to sneak away, but announced they were leaving.

2015 skip.jpg
2015 sk 2.jpg

2015 sk 4.jpg
2015 sk 3.jpg
2015 sk1.jpg

2015 skip 2.jpg

All of the Senior High students had their Spiritual Emphasis Weekend recently and really enjoyed

Mr. Alber’s talks and the relaxed atmosphere and warm weather at Aram.

2015 sew 3.jpg
2015 sew.jpg
2015 sew 2.jpg

In Chapel, our guest, Immanuel Martella spoke about the 3 levels of faith and referred to Hebrews 11. We cannot depend on the faith of others or a spiritual routine. A growing relationship with the Lord will make a strong faith that changes how we live. Immanuel and his wife, Annie, were visiting the country from Germany.

In Church we heard J. John speak on the fifth Commandment, “Honor your father and your mother.” We can respond to them with respect and care about them when they’re old.

Some of you might recognize the location of these photos. The first is a view of Jhika Gali, the new street dividers and, the latest addition, the green railings dividing the street from the sidewalks and shops. These really help keep traffic flowing and controlled.

Another new convenience is the tall white electronic time and temperature display board at the far end of Jhika Gali. Concrete planters and shrubs and flowers were also added, which, in time, will make this hill at this crossroads very attractive.

2015 jhik 2.jpg

2015 jhik.jpg

Praise and Prayer Requests:

Praise for a good Skip for the Seniors.

Praise for the opportunities we have to get away for fun, spiritual renewal and


Pray for Jared Armistead (Class of 2013) in his continuing treatment of bone cancer.

He has had one series of chemo and will start another this week. You can see

his updates at

Pray for Noah and Seth, now in boarding, as JoAnn has gone to Virginia. Pray for good

times as a family even through difficulty and separation.

Pray for the visa process for Isaiah and Diana Loong to go smoothly so they can

come as Boarding staff for next year; Also for the Raiters, and the 3 GAPS!

Pray for others to apply to cover our staff needs for next year: house parents, ESL,

Korean, Nurse, Online Studies Coordinator. We will need a Director at least by


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