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Middle School SAISA Tournament Feb 26 - Mar 4, 2015 #23

Some weekends are very busy!

The Middle School Basketball and Volleyball Tournament at ISOI, along with LAS, took place on Friday and Saturday. All of the Elementary and Junior High attended even if they weren’t playing on a team. So, along with some parents and a surprise group of 10th graders who came on Saturday, the players had a good group of ‘cheerleaders!’ Our teams came in 2nd and 3rd out of 6 teams, which is great, considering we had many very young players and not enough to provide substitutes. The students were tired and sore from playing game after game, but they did their best and ended up in a very respectable place.

MCS also came home with some Good Sportsmanship Awards, which are even more valuable. And students are made aware that their behaviors can show and tell about Jesus.

Ping pong, a bonfire, snacks and a movie were some of the other things they enjoyed during the socializing times. Food is always a highlight!

2015 ms7.jpg
2015 ms6.jpg

2015 ms.jpg
2015 ms8.jpg

2015 ms2.jpg
2015 ms3.jpg

Thanks to Subin and Juhee who designed the tournament t-shirts.

Thanks to Aaron, Sammy, Stephen and Rohan for coaching.

The Grade 10 spent the weekend at the Lanz’ house, with food again as a highlight! They attended the PIC church on Sunday.

Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Lanz for their generosity and hospitality!

2015 10th.jpg

The Grade 11 spent Saturday exploring ideas for the day of the Banquet in May, a tradition of fun activities ending at a restaurant for dinner and a time to recognize the graduating seniors.

So that left only the Grade 12 students on campus for much of the time.

In Church, J. John continued his series with the 6th Commandment, “You shall not kill.” He talked about the danger of not controlling our anger which always destroys people.

In Chapel the few of us who were on campus watched another video testimony, this time from a man nick-named, Kaka’, from Brazil, who became a professional soccer player at the age of 18. He spoke of his desire to give glory to God.

Praise and Prayer Requests:

Praise for a great tournament and the other weekend activities.

Praise for the Loong’s visa being granted!

Praise for the good MCS Board meeting.

Pray for the upcoming music recital and talent show.

Pray for students and teachers taking exams and preparing reports.

Pray for Jared Armistead (Class of 2013) in his continuing chemo treatments.

Pray for good times as a family even through difficulty and separation.

You can see his updates at

Pray for the visa process to go smoothly for the Raiters, and the 3 GAPS!

Pray for others to apply to cover our staff needs for next year: house parents, Korean teacher, Nurse, Online Studies Coordinator. We will need a Director at least by 2016-17.

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