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Annual Music Recital March 5-11, 2015 #24

The annual school music recital was held on Saturday. Students, dressed in their best clothes, nervously waited to demonstrate the skills that they have been practicing all year. Mrs. Lim,

Mrs. Park, Miss Piper and Dr. Scott have been teaching or helping with music.

Noah and EunJohng opened the evening with announcements and prayer, reminding us that music is a wonderful way to give glory to God!

Participants were:

Jeonghyun, Sia, Hyosuk, Jireh, Joonhee, Sieun, Juhwan, Haeyoung, Yearim, EunJhong, Tobias, Seth, Noah, Paul, Grace, Jonathan, Subin and Matthias.

Recital (21) crop 2.jpg

Most of the individuals played the piano, with Tobias ending the evening by giving a stunning performance of one of Beethoven’s lengthy compositions.

Recital (16)crop.jpg

But we enjoyed all of the other songs, too, and recognized their effort, practice and accomplishment!

Recital (8) crop.jpg
Recital (10) crop.jpg
Recital (7)crop.jpg

There were also a cello piece, a clarinet solo, a string ensemble and a singing quintet.

Recital (14) crop.jpg

Recital (13) crop.jpg

We missed not having Dr. Scott there. Miss Piper was also away at conference, but Joel Stock, who was visiting, directed a group of the combined instrumental ensembles.

Some parents tried to come up to see their children perform, but the heavy snow that accumulated during the afternoon to over a foot in depth, forced them to turn back.

Dr. Healey is teaching the 7/8 class how to do CPR. From a generous donation a few years ago, we received the ‘dummies’ to practice on. They learn the proper way to do chest compressions and breaths.

Pictured here are Juhwan, Paul, Simran, Jireh andRicky.

2015 cpr 2.jpg
2015 cpr.jpg
2015 cpr 3.jpg

In Chapel, Aaron called up all of our teams from the Middle School tournament and awarded trophies for basketball and volleyball. They came in 2nd or 3rd place and also won sportsmanship awards.

We hope you are enjoying our new website! During Chapel, we had the announcement of this exciting development! Stephen Wiley has been working on this project for over a year as part of his web design class. He has done a really great job! It has a fresh look, more pictures, and more features. We will be adding more information and features soon, such as a Korean page and videos.

He would like to thank these for their help: Peter VanWylen, Harry Lanon,

Miss Warwick, Miss Kosek, Joel Stock and myself, Auntie Chris.

In Church, J. John spoke on the 7th Commandment, “Do not commit adultery.” Marriages need to include Respect- Responsibility - Romance – and Resolve.

The MCS Board met Monday for their spring meeting. They approved another new staff member for next year – Nick Strachan who will be teaching Science. We will be trying to build up our scholarship fund which is being extended to more national children.

Thanks to Pat and Joel Stock who filled in for various staff who were away this week! We always appreciate visitors who can help in this way!

Praise and Prayer Requests:

Praise for good conference for several of our staff.

Praise for the music recital which brought glory to God.

Praise for the MCS Board.

Pray for students taking exams and teachers preparing reports as we come to the end of this term.

Pray for Jared Armistead (Class of 2013), as he has finished a 5 day regimen of chemo, that he can get built back up physically before the next one. You can see his updates at

Pray for the visa process to go smoothly for the Raiters, Nick Strachan and the 3 GAPS!

Pray for others to apply to cover our staff needs for next year: house parents, Korean, Nurse, Online Studies Coordinator. We will need a Director at least by 2016-17.

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