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Honoring our National Staff April 9-15, 2015 #27

It was a beautiful day for a celebration to honor our National Staff! Everyone helped to decorate, set up and serve this annual appreciation dinner. About 70 guests, including staff and their families, came for a fun time of cricket on the court, playing on the playground, and visiting at the ladies’ tea.

Mr. Lannon gave a message of thanks, and Stephen, as student body president, expressed appreciation from the students. He compared the staff’s good work to a car: without any one of their parts this school couldn’t run! Our students always enjoy playing with the little children and the men were very good at cricket. Food was taken to the guards who had to be on duty. The delicious meal was prepared by outside cooks, and the students did the dishes and cleaned up so our cooks could have a day off too!

Last week we took pictures of clubs for the Kahani yearbook. For those of you who haven’t been to MCS, you might think of clubs as chess club, sewing club or football club…but we are more imaginative! Clubs from past years have included The Savages, The Roti Club, The Cripple Club, The Australian Milk Club, The Annoying Little Brothers Club…You get the idea! And even though most of them aren’t real, they are fun to make up and get pictures taken for the yearbook.

About a dozen students and myself gathered for a Friday night of work and fun to finish the pages for our Kahani yearbook. Pizza and snacks kept us going into the early hours of the morning! It’s another great group of dedicated students who put in many hours of work for this important historical record.

Here’s the answer to the question from last week that you’ve been waiting for! This clever device will

keep your glasses safe and ready for you! It was made in CDT by Jair. Mrs. Becht was the first to tell me the correct answer.

Alumni News We had a special visitor this week – Lauri Kylanpaa who graduated from MCS in 2001. He stopped by with his fellow worker, both of whom are with the UN, monitoring the Line Of Control. It was nice to hear of his family and he was interested to see improvements at MCS, but also, how much hasn’t changed.

Praise and Prayer Requests: Praise for the big MCS family, which includes alumni and the National Staff! Praise for the sunny weather and a good time for all at the National Staff lunch. Praise for our continued safety as we work, learn and travel. Pray for the Drama performance on the 25th. It will be, The Importance of Being Earnest. Pray for Jared Armistead and his whole family! His iron and white cell count need to go up before he can get another round of chemo. Pray for the yearbook to get finished and printed well. Pray for the visa process to go smoothly for the Raiters, Nick Strachan and the 3 GAPS: Annika Martin, Daniel Pantle, and Dominik Schüttler. Pray for others to apply to cover our staff needs for next year: house parents and Nurse. We will need a Director at least by 2016-17.

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