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The Classes and Fun Continue! April 16-22, 2015 #28

What have an eagle, kimchi, dim sum, a bok jumeony (a ‘lucky bag’), lederhosen, and a king’s crown have in common? They were what the 9th grade students chose as representative of their passport countries in a recent creative writing task for Geography. The class has been learning about the way their countries are governed. After researching about who can become head of government, and how they become head of government, the students had to write and illustrate a picture book that explained this to an Elementary-aged audience, with their main character being the item they chose as representative of their country. The results were colourful and entertaining!

Gr 9 Geo books (1).JPG
Gr 9 Geo books (5).JPG

Gr 9 Geo books (4).JPG

Gr 9 Geo books (3).JPG

Gr 9 Geo books (2).JPG

Several mock AP exams in various subjects are being given to many of the 11th and 12th grade students so they can experience what the real exams will be like in early May.

We’d like to thank Jennifer Birkett who has been helping Miss Piper and our music theory students while Dr. Scott has been away this term. She has a PHD in Historical Musicology and is based in New York. She has been doing lesson planning and marking and even skypes with the students. Noah and EJ have been doing music composition and Grace and Tobias have been doing music research. Miss piper also spends a lot of time planning for the class, so they are getting a rich experience! We are very thankful for her generously giving her time and effort from such a distance!

On the weekend Grade 7/8 visited their homeroom advisor, Miss Piper at Sandes and had a treasure hunt and were treated to a special dinner and a movie. Students are: Jireh, Paul, Ricky, Sarah, Simran and Juhwan.

7-8 party (1).JPG
7-8 party (2).JPG

7-8 party (3).JPG

Rehearsals are going well for the drama scheduled for this Saturday. It will be, The Importance of Being Earnest. The Drama class, the Tech Team, and the cast have been working on sets, lights and sound, the stage setting, costumes and plans for hair and makeup...besides learning the lines! There are so many things to organize and Naomi Kosek, the director and class teacher is great at that!

New staff, Isaiah and Diana Loong, arrived in the country and will be staying here even though they don’t start to do JH Boys’ Boarding until August. They brought a visitor with them, Pastor Aow, from Singapore, who was our guest speaker Sunday. He reminded us of how Jesus spent time alone with the Father and how we need to come away from our busyness. This daily habit helps us to reflect on who we are, to hear His voice, and to be able relate to the world in the right way.

Aaron spoke in church recently about safe friends and dangerous friends. He challenged us to examine what kind of friends we are: safe ones who don’t talk behind others’ backs, but instead, comfort and encourage others; Dangerous friends who will mentor and challenge others in a good way. Of course, there are negative ways to be safe friends who just say what others want to hear, and dangerous friends who dare others to do something foolish.

Mr. Healey led Chapel with thoughts and a game about how the word, salt, is used in the Bible. All of us will get rewards if we seek to study the Bible, but on this day, winners got chocolates!

Here is another mystery photo for you to solve! Send me your ideas on what this object is used for. It is ab

Tongs (1).JPG

Praise and Prayer Requests: Praise for the spiritual growth opportunities we have here! Praise for the creativity God has made in us! Pray for the Drama performance on the 25th. Pray for healing from cancer for Jared Armistead, and for help for his family as they deal with packing, graduation and future plans. Pray for the yearbook to get finished and printed well. Pray for the visa process to go smoothly for the Raiters, Nick Strachan and the 3 GAPS: Annika Martin, Daniel Pantle, and Dominik Schüttler. Pray for others to apply to cover our staff needs for next year: house parents and Nurse. We will need a Director at least by 2016-17.

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