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Campout Fun for Junior High! April 30-May 6, 2015 #30

​ Miss Edward’s class has been studying about insects. They even made very large models! Hyosuk told me about the bee’s double wings, JeongHyun knew a lot about the red ant and its painful sting, and Sia knew about the fly’s uni

Aren’t you glad that insects aren’t this big?

Five AP exams are finished – only two more to go next week! I’m sure many students are relieved when these comprehensive exams are over! Our teachers have also spent many hours preparing students to do their best. Ten students from Grade 10 traveled to Islamabad to take the first of two IGCSE maths exams. Their last one is Monday. Then, most students also have some internal exams coming up in two weeks. When they’re finished, the teachers have to mark them all and prepare reports! Thank you for remembering students as they take these year-end exams, and teachers as they have many things yet to do.

What do duct tape, tadpoles, eating raw potatoes, tents, campfires, hikes, music, and worship have in common? They were all a part of the Junior High Campout! Food, fun, great weather and God’s creation made a great time for all!

Can you see what is hiding in the tree?

It’s a slaty-headed parakeet!

For Chapel we had a prayer time for graduates and other students and staff who will be leaving us soon! Thankfully, our God will be with them wherever they go! The final sermon in J. John’s series on the Ten Commandments was on coveting. We can fight this temptation by being thankful, generous and recognize that our joy and security can only come from Christ.

Praise and Prayer Requests: Praise for the great weather and fun campout for the Junior High! Praise for hard working students and staff! Pray for the end of year activities like JH Formal, SH campout and SH Banquet. Pray for healing from cancer for Jared Armistead, and for help for his family as they deal with packing, graduation and future plans. Pray for the visa process to go smoothly for the Raiters, Nick Strachan and the 3 GAPS: Annika Martin, Daniel Pantle, and Dominik Schüttler. Pray for others to apply to cover our staff needs for next year: house parents and Nurse. We will need a Director at least by 2016-17.

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