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Junior High Formal May 7-13, 2015 #31

The Junior High students have been looking forward to an MCS tradition called, “Formal.” After spending a couple of hours on Saturday afternoon getting cleaned up, dressed up and fancied up, the Coaster took the students and some staff through the hills behind Murree to the Shangrila restaurant.

Grade 9 Matthias, Juyoung, Rohan,

Ms. Kosek, Aman, Priscilla, Joonhee, Sieun

Here, hungry appetites were satisfied with good food, and then games were enjoyed by all. Some of the games were: Mr. Mumble, Honey I love You, and a variation of the Telephone game.

Don’t they look so nice! The weather cooperated to make a very nice evening!

Grade 7/8 Ricky, Miss Piper

Jireh, Juhwan, Sarah, Paul, Simran

The Class of 2015 senior gift was presented in Chapel: A very large flat screen TV for the back wall of the dining room! It can be used for presentations and watching sports and movies. Thank you graduates!

Then Auntie Stephanie presented a meditation and a home movie of their kids to remind us to make good memories and remember them as we finish the year.

Recently, Uncle Hans put up a flying fox line in the trees behind the dining hall for everyone to try. It’s a fun experience!

The Senior High went to ISOI for a swim day. They also played a game of baseball and had dinner out.

We said a hurried goodbye to Mr. Miller, who had to leave for a job interview back in England. We wish him all the best!

Praise and Prayer Requests:

Praise for the fun Formal and swim day.

Praise that AP and IGCSE Exams are over…now just the internal ones are left!

*Pray for Mr. Albert and his recovery from a recent stroke and his surgery today


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