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The End of Another Year! May 21-28, 2015 #33

It is very quiet here with the students and most of the staff gone for the break now! We can praise God for another school year completed and for all of His provision for us! Here are a few of the highlights from our last week.

It was announced that Benjamin Lanz was voted to be the Student Body President for next year and YeaRim Lee will be the Vice-President.

In Chapel, all the students and staff that are leaving were honored and they shared where they will be going next and gave us their prayer requests. The choir sang a blessing song. Besides the 7 graduates, these will not be returning: Hannah and Sarah, Seth, and Shawn. The Staff not returning: Mr. and Mrs. Armistead, Barbara Becht, Emma Black, Mr. and Mrs. Healey, Naomi Kosek, Mrs. Lim, Mr. Miller, Mrs. Park, Manu Piper and Lea and Sammy, the GAP students. Mr. and Mrs. Albert announced they would be immigrating to the USA this summer since they got their visas! They are only waiting on Nida’s. We will miss all of these very much but will keep them in our prayers!

The Senior High Banquet is always one of the highlights of the year for them. The Grade 11 students and advisors had put in many hours of planning. A picnic breakfast was enjoyed at Monkey Hill; then they drove go-carts, played mini golf and went bowling before dressing for their dinner. It was a very enjoyable day and a nice way to honor the seniors.

Grade 10 Grade 11

Grade 12

For the Baccalaureate service on Sunday, Terry Wiley gave an encouraging message especially for the graduates about guarding their hearts, walking with God and honoring their parents. Then their parents prayed for them.

Monday, the students performed the drama again: The Importance of Being Earnest. What a fun evening!

Tuesday was the Awards ceremony. Students from each grade who had earned an award for outstanding achievement or improvement academically or for their involvement in music, drama or sports were honored. The Citizenship awards went to JiReh Kim, JuYoung Yoon, Benjamin Lanz and JuHee Yoon, Yearim Lee, and Grace Min. Noah Armistead was recognized as Salutatorian and Helen YeRan Lim as Valedictorian.

The student speeches and class slide shows are a favorite part of the ceremony, reminding us of many good times of the year. The Kahani was dedicated by the seniors to Harry and Stephanie Lannon. A special thanks was given by Harry, Stephen and Yearim to Mr. and Mrs. Albert for their 30 and 12 years of service to MCS! Several musical selections were also played.

The Baptism, which was on Wednesday, is always a highlight! After a mes


Then came the final day of celebration and the Graduation ceremony! Noah gave the Salutatorian address and Helen gave her Valedictorian address. Harry Lannon and Mrs. Lanz spoke. The balloons and banners (made by Priscilla) gave a festive look to the gym. The Grade 11 parents and students did a wonderful job decorating the gym and dining room.

Noah Armistead, EunJohng Kim, Stephen Wiley Havilah Heger, Helen YeRan Lim,

Grace YeEun Min, Victoria Kosek

The celebration continued in a line of congratulations under a shamiana and also in the decorated dining room around tables of delicious food, (thanks to the Grade 11 parents!). The senior slide show is a favorite where we see pictures of the graduates as they have grown up. There were over 150 guests, students and parents who attended.

Alumni Photo!

We were glad to have these former students, here visiting: Joel Stock, Calvin Trimble, Rohail Mall, Sitayesh Malik, Joshua and Lizzy Wiley, as well as older alumni: Aaron Lehmann and Emma Black (now on staff), Mercy (Ward), Paul Stock, Dieter Becht, and Marie Lehmann.

Many other family members and special guests were there, too.

One final picture – here is our beautiful new podium with the hand carved MCS logo!

Prayer Requests:

Continue to pray for the graduates and other students and staff who will be going to very different situations.

Pray for Mr. Albert and his family as they move to America!

Pray for Nancy Stewart who has just been diagnosed with cancer.

Continue to pray for Jared Armistead as his treatment continues.

Thank you for your faithful prayers over the year!

We praise God for His protection, His provision and His faithfulness.

We pray that the year 2014-2015 at MCS holds many good memories

and that all will have safe travels and a good break!

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