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Pakistan Independence Day Aug. 13-19, 2015 Newsletter #2

The rain and mist of the monsoons have lightened a bit, and we are enjoying more and more sunshine and dry days.

Classes are going well, with students doing a variety of things in their elective classes: Learning Urdu, German or Chinese; Baking brownies, peach cobbler and pizza; Discovering African drum rhythms; Drawing with oil pastels or acrylic paints; and planning the next great Kahani in the Graphics class.

We had a visit from the Korean Ambassador, and some pastors from a large Korean church. Their visit happened to be on a Thursday, when we always have Korean food! We appreciate their interest in MCS!

Auntie Stephanie keeps telling us that Something is coming! What could it be?

Anayr, Ricky, Rohan, Aman, Sameer, Rohit, Simran

In Chapel, we celebrated Pakistan Independence Day!

The Pakistani students were in charge and

shared a power point, then gave us a quiz to test what we know about Pakistan. Did you know that … Jasmine is the national flower … Pakistan means Land of the Pure … there are 132 universities in the country … a Pakistani holds the Guinness Book of World Records for completing 23 A Levels in his courses … 50% of the world’s soccer balls are made here … cricket is the most popular sport … there are historic mosques, Hindu temples and Christian churches … there are remnants of ancient civilizations like Mohenjo-Daro and Taxila … mangoes are exported as some of the best in the world! The national anthem was sung and we prayed for the needs of this country.

We have many people who take part in the church service each week. Some lead worship songs and prayers and some take care of the technical aspects. A Louie Giglio video shared how God is for us and how He brings good out of difficulties.

*Alumni News*

We had visits from several alumni recently: James (Class of 2014) who will be continuing his studies in N. Ireland, EJ (Class of 2015) who will be starting university in Korea, Sitayesh and Rohail (Class of 2014) who are continuing at Forman Christian College, Lahore, and Jonathan (Class of 2012) continuing at university in Germany in International Social Work.

EJ, Rohail, Jonathan

From Julia Bitsch (German Gap here in 2011-12) I’ll start a job as a language assistant at Grinnell College in Iowa, USA, for two semesters. I’ll be teaching some German and taking some classes as a student as well.

David Smith, Australia (Class of 2014) He passed his first semester exams and is busy juggling studies, work (he now has a part-time paid job), and sport!

Aunties Deb and Eunice: Sarah Raiter and Joel and Pippa visited us recently, along with Deborah and Daniel Lanz; and yesterday we were with a grad from the late 70’s and his wife who also worked many years in Pakistan.

We also celebrate with Amy Lynn (English teacher 2009-13) who married Ron Ross last July in Canada!

Praise and Prayer Requests:

Praise for creative teachers and the ‘practical’ classes we can have here.

Praise for all the students and staff who have been here over the almost 60 years of MCS! Many still keep in touch and are making a difference in this world for the Lord!

Pray for Mr. Arif’s widow and 3 small children and for God’s protection and provision.

Pray for this country and the parents who serve in a variety of ways here.

Pray for healing for Nancy Stewart and Jared Armistead.

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