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Up, Up and Away Aug. 20-26, 2015 Newsletter #3

Track and Field and Swim training have begun! Kids are complaining of sore muscles, which show they’re working hard! The competitions are the 1st of October.

Here is a sampling of what some of the other classes are studying: Taxes, the quadratic formula, factoring; Pollination, genetically modifying plants; Poetry, A Man for All Seasons, Of Mice and Men; How Language unites but also divides.. For instance, in a conversation, which words might you recognize? … Tuk / beanie; jandals / flip flops; togs / bathing costume; sweets / lollies; fizzy drink / pop; duvet / dooner.

Our teachers make learning very interesting (most of the time!)

We welcomed Micah, from the USA, as a new student in the 5th grade. He and his parents will be living at Sandes, so it’s nice to have another family over there.

In Chapel, Daniel shared pictures of his family and youth group and how he came to MCS. He learned about MCS from his friend, Theo, a Gap student here in 2009-10. Daniel’s father was a pastor, and he made a personal choice to follow Jesus when he was young. He likes to hike, climb and play volleyball and guitar.

Auntie Stephanie gave more clues about “what is coming!” She showed comparisons between rugby and soccer.

Since South Korea recently celebrated their 70th anniversary of independence, Korean students led the rest of the Chapel. There were lots of red and blue clothes that complemented their flag. We had a quiz about South Korea. Did you know that …

Their national flower is the Rose of Sharon…

There are 250 different kinds of kim chee!...

Much of the country is covered in forests.

Then we had a prayer time asking for stronger Christians and for more missionary support and vision from the churches.

In Church we had a meditation on communion, learning that it is about Commemoration, Covenant, Community and Celebration. Then we shared in the Lord’s supper together.

The Middle School kids have been busy in boarding with their house parents, Uncle Isaiah,

Auntie Diana, and Daniel for the boys, and Auntie Stephanie and Annika for the girls. The belated birthdays of Anayr and HyoSuk were celebrated with food and games.

Then, for their weekend activity, they had an exciting chairlift and

gondola ride at Patriata and enjoyed a picnic at the top.

*Alumni News*

Michelle McNeil and Josh Wiley (2011) became engaged on August 10!

Manu Piper (Staff 2015) would like to thank everyone for their prayers when her father was sick with cancer. He passed away over the summer. She is now teaching in Germany.

Grace Schumacher (2013) served a DTS in South Africa, went on a mission trip to Lesotho, attended Colorado State University but now has transferred to the Certified Nurse Assistant program at Community College of Aurora. She has also been working 2 jobs and helping refugees too! She is pictured here with other MCS alumni: Rebecca (2011), Esther (2007) and Jared (2013).

Praise and Prayer Requests:

Praise for how the MCS family continues to uphold each other in prayer!

Praise for many who gave to support Arif’s widow and children in their time of need.

Praise for enthusiastic house parents who help these kids have a good time!

Pray for healing for Jared and Nancy.

Pray for our recent – and not so recent – graduates.

Pray for the continuing process of looking for needed staff for next year … and for new students to come too!

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