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Training Day Aug.27-Sept. 2, 2015 Newsletter #4

Here are some examples of what students are doing in Art class. One project was to make a colorful design, cover it with black paint, then scratch off the dried paint to reveal a bright design. Now they are learning about light and shadow. It’s great to see their enthusiasm for learning something new!

We are thankful to have Mrs. Raiter here to teach Art!

Do you know what pidgin language is? It’s a language that arises out of the need to communicate where neither knows the others’ language. Words and grammar are borrowed from each language and put together in a simplified form and a new language emerges. Here’s an example of the Lord’s Prayer in a mix of Korean and German, written in AP Human Geography:

Unser Aubuji in Himmel irumi Geheilight yeugimul

dein nara komme

Gebe onagae heuke brot

on jue rui vergebe jushingut gotchi

Schuldigam yong su-hae-ju-she-go

Shi hum uns nich ahngae ha-she-go

ak arom böse gu ha so su

How much can you understand?!

One day after school I heard the splashing of water, the clacking of hockey sticks and lots of excited laughter! Some of the smaller kids were practicing their swim strokes in our baptism pool! Others were on the court playing hockey. It was a sunny day and everyone was enjoying doing outside activities.

On Fridays after school, we’ve enjoyed eating ice cream and chips for sale by the Seniors, and sweets that the Grade 11 shop sells. It’s a fun way to socialize and relax after a long week of work.

For Chapel, we divided into groups to pray for the parents of our students that live all around this country and are involved in many types of service for the Lord.

We didn’t have a church service here on Sunday because most were at ISOI for a practice day for Track and Swim events. This was the only day available to us for practice. There was a student-led service on Saturday.

The training at ISOI went well until a heavy thundershower made them get out of the pool. But it didn’t prevent them from wanting to get drenched in a game of basketball in the rain!

We welcomed a new student: Barzillai Newton from Pakistan in grade 4. It’s very nice to have him


The staff enjoyed a “first of the year” dinner together at the Shangrila.

Mr. John Samuel has recently retired from his cooking duties at MCS. He had been a member of our National Staff for about 34 years!

*Alumni News*

Joey Kietzman (Class of 2010) and Rachel were married August 29. Maybe you’ll recognize some of the MCS alumni that were there!

Here is a picture of

Praise and Prayer Requests:

Praise for our National Staff and their dedication and good work!

Praise for our safety in travel and living in this country.

Pray for the students who are new to MCS and that we will help them feel comfortable soon.

Pray for the Swim and Track and Field teams as they prepare.

Pray for people to be applying for next year’s staff needs as on our website.

Pray for our graduates from past years – that they would continue in the Lord’s ways.

Pray for healing for Jared and Nancy.

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