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Senior High Camp Out Sept. 3-9, 2015 Newsletter #5

Thanks for praying for the Senior High camp out! The weather was great for most of the time. They enjoyed a hike to the waterfall. Catching tadpoles is something kids of all ages have fun with. Students showed initiative in organizing impromptu games,

like capture the “log”! A fun and delicious activity was making Stockbrot, or stick bread. Bread dough is formed around a skewer then baked over the fire.

Mrs. Baron reports:

AP Biology students are investigating artificial selection in plants using 24/7 brightly lit growing

units and 'short life cycle cabbage seeds'. It has taken just 15 days to grow these seeds to full flowering. Here the students are cross-pollinating the top ten percent of plants which were selected for the large numbers of trichomes (sort of hairs) on their stems - yes that is a real dried bee on the end of the pollinating stick in Jair's hand! Next the plants will produce seeds pods which students will harvest and open to gather the seeds, sow and grow the next generation. Will there be a significant increase in hairiness in just one generation?

The Middle School activity on the weekend was making ice cream! Uncle Isaiah showed students how to make this special treat!

In Chapel we watched a video about the city of Capernaum and the miracles and teachings that Jesus did there.

In Church Aaron gave a good talk to the small group of middle school students and staff that were there. He talked from James 1 about mirrors and what we might think when we look into them. We might criticize ourselves or look too proudly at ourselves. But we should look to God to see who we really are, not to the world. We shouldn’t let mistakes define us or be deceived by worldly ideas. The Bible and the Holy Spirit are the best mirrors!

There are many regular activities that go on here that may not be seen or sound exciting, but show the effort that goes into caring for these children and this school. Things like weekly devotions in boarding, monthly dental trips, inoculations given, many maintenance tasks

completed, regular lockdown drills, financial matters covered, impromptu playing or visiting with students, and many hours outside of classes spent preparing and marking lessons. The staff here are very caring and they show it in the quality of their work!

Here are some examples of this from the SH boys’ boarding: Dominik helping the Brandts dry mangoes and the Brandts (and EJ visiting) helping to celebrate Jonathan’s birthday!

* Alumni News *

Deb and Eunice hosted more people from MCS recently: the Sherbecks, Wesley and Esther Carpenter, Marge Montgomery and Carol, April Bennett Coyle, Patty Irwin McGarvey, Dottie Wilder.

Praise and Prayer Requests:

Praise for the ability to explore, enjoy and learn from God’s creation!

Praise for the many delicious fruits, vegetables and savory dishes we have here!

Pray for our dedicated MCS Board as they hold their biennial meeting the 21st.

Pray for good weather and good times for the JH campout this weekend

Pray for the Grade 11 as they prepare for our Carnival the 19th!

Pray for the Swim and Track and Field teams and coaches as they prepare for the meet next month.

Please keep Nancy and Jared in your prayers!

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