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Carnival Time! Sept. 17-23, 2015 Newsletter #7

“Survivor” was the theme of this year’s

successful Carnival! Favorite activities included: taking a ride in the swinging tree house, climbing vines or crossing the treacherous rope bridge; throwing wet sponges at staff; paying to put someone in love cuffs or jail; and of course, eating!

Even the littlest guest hadfun!

There were food choices from pizza to kim bap; brownies to peach cake. The bidding on the pies on auction was brisk and winners carried away their prizes vowing to share.

A person could also spend Carnival Cash for the treasure hunt, mini golf, bug smasher, sword fight and in the beauty shop.

Thanks Grade 11 and parents for all your good work!

In other news:

The 7/8 Science class took a short trip to Sandes with their teacher, Mrs. Baron to perform ecology field studies. They compared the biodiversity of plants at Sandes with a rain forest. By shaking the branch of a tree, they could get an idea of the ecosystem as they collected and counted spiders and beetles, etc. Sweeping through the tall grasses and wildflowers with nets, they found many pollinators like bees, horseflies and butterflies. We live in a very diverse area with many species of plants and animals!

Mrs. Raiter had the Elementary boys form an

interesting band recently. Soda bottles filled

with varying levels of water make different notes.

So when she pointed to a student, and they blew

into their bottle in turn, a song came together!

It’s amazing that such a simple ‘instrument’ can make a wonderful tune!

Six students and myself were privileged to help with child care at Camp Mubarak for a conference recently. What a special time for us to be around these energetic little ones!

Since the World Rugby Cup competition has begun, Aunty Stephanie led a chapel with video testimonies of how Christian rugby players use their sport as their mission field. Mr. John spoke in church about the love of God shown in how He gave His Son for us.

Praise and Prayer Requests:

Praise for the Grade 11 and their parents and the great job they did for Carnival!

Praise for our dedicated MCS Board as they give guidance in many areas!

Praise for opportunities to serve!

Pray for continued spiritual growth in students through formal and informal times of teaching and interaction.

Pray for the Swim and Track and Field teams and coaches as they prepare for the meet next month.

Please keep Nancy and Jared in your prayers!

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