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Students and Staff show school spirit during Spirit Week! Sept. 24-30, 2015 Newsletter #8

The Grades 9/10 Religious Studies class has been looking at the design of churches and its symbolism. Each student created a model of a church. Here are just some of their projects:

The students in Home Ec were challenged with an assessment to plan and cook a full meal. Some of the dishes were: capsicums stuffed with fried rice, chicken parmesan, alu paratha, and

a brunch dish with Greek potatoes.

Spirit Week is a chance to show our school spirit, as well as be a

bit silly! Before the Track/Field and Swim competition this week, we had three days with these themes: Rugby, Heroes, and Backwards.

Some of the heroes were Superman/Clark Kent, Malala, ‘Dad’, and even a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle! It’s so entertaining to see what ideas students and staff come up with!

Some of the winners were:

Ricky, Rohan, Auntie Stepahnie, Micah, JuYoung, Simran, Mr. Lehmann, HyoSuk, Paul, Colleen and Miss Warwick.

In Chapel I (Christine) gave a brief history of the beginnings of Murree in the 1850’s until British rule ended in 1947. Hill stations were established as a place for British soldiers to rest and recuperate, but quickly became a community for the general British military and civilians as well. Most of the material I presented was from the wonderful book by Virgil Miedema, Murree – A Glimpse Through the Forest. This is part of our year-long celebration of the 60 years of MCS!

Miss Elise Sandes

*Alumni News*

The Binders visited recently and brought Hanna too! She is enjoying her nursing job in Germany.

Darcy and Laura Albers announced the birth of their son, Asher Cole, on September 25th. Congratulations!

Praise and Prayer Requests:

Praise for the ‘normal’ daily blessings and for special events like new babies and seeing old friends!

Pray for the Swim and Track and Field teams and coaches as their meets continue in Islamabad today and tomorrow.

Please keep Nancy and Jared in your prayers! (Nancy will be undergoing surgery October 14 with chemo continuing after a few weeks.)

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