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Students Compete in Track and Field and Swim Events! Oct. 1-7, 2015 Newsletter #9

The MCS Track and Field and Swim teams can be very proud of their accomplishments again this year! They have not only built up their physical fitness during the training, but have also gained valuable experience in setting personal goals, and applied diligence in attaining them.

Even with our small numbers and many younger students, MCS came in a very close 2nd position overall.

In some cases we didn’t have enough students in a particular age group to make a relay team, so some had to run with older competitors or even run 2 portions of it!

Sia was the only 12 year old, so she had to run the relay with 13-14 year olds! JeongHyun and HyoSuk ran the 400 relay, running 2 legs each! You can imagine the cheering from the crowd!

These action shots convey the concentration, effort and pride of our students!

Our Swim team also came 2nd.

For some, this was their first experience in learning the swimming skills required. The younger ones had been practicing in our baptism pool! Everyone had only 2 days of practice at the ISOI pool.

Again, we didn’t always have enough to make up a relay team. Jonathan and Benjamin had to each swim 2 legs of the 400 meter relay.

Five MCS records were broken by Jonathan! He broke his own record in the 200 meter medley by 16 seconds!

There was a good atmosphere of sportsmanship and we are thankful for the cooperative relationship with the other athletic directors.

Thank you Uncle Hans, Auntie Ulrike, Aaron and the student helpers

for coaching and organizing!

Congratulations to all the participants!

Some of the other happenings in the past week were: The Grade 9/10 students visited a local mosque as part of their Religious Studies class: Some of our German students and staff went to the German embassy for a celebration of the 25th anniversary of the day of German unity: Some staff ladies attended a retreat in Islambad: We enjoyed meeting Mrs. Brandt’s parents who have made their first trip out here since they began to pray for this country and the missionaries over 30 years ago!

Praise and Prayer Requests:

Praise for the successful Swim and Track and Field meets!

Pray for a good break this week for the students and parents as they spend time together; and for good rest and recreation for our staff.

Please keep Nancy and Jared in your prayers! (Nancy will be undergoing surgery October 14 with chemo continuing after a few weeks.)

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