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Baby on Board! Oct. 18-28, 2015 Newsletter #10

We had a big reason to be thankful for the sturdy buildings at MCS on Monday, the 26th, when the 7.5 earthquake hit! We had the chance to practice the earthquake drill and everyone remained calm. We had no damage here. In other areas mostly to the north, however, thousands of houses have fallen down and the death toll is at least 400 in Pakistan and Afghanistan. We pray for relief for the many people affected, especially since the weather is very cold.

Simon (our Finance Manager) and Michelle Bhatti would like to announce the birth of their first

child, a son, Elijah Malachi! He was born on October 26th and even though he arrived 2 weeks early, he is doing fine. Michelle is living in Michigan, USA, and we pray that the family will be reunited soon!

Our National Staff are very important to us, so we celebrate special times with them! Sheila’s oldest son Samson is getting married today. They were having quite a party last night at the mehndi in the Sandes building. Sheilah’s husband was killed in the attack in 2002, and she has worked at MCS for over 10 years. Her other son, Sharoon, now works here too, as an administrative assistant.

In Chapel we recognized the accomplishments of our Track and Swim Teams.

Our theme seems to be, “It’s not the size, but the attitude that counts!” Everyone had to work extra hard because we had a small team. The other schools noticed our positive attitude and self- discipline. We came in a close 2nd by only 40 points.

Thanks to DongHyuk, who designed this year’s SAISA t-shirts.

Dr. Steve Ringer and his brother, John, from New Zealand, were here visiting Pakistan and were even helping at the hospital in Gari Habbibulah. They joined us for Chapel. Their parents were missionaries here many years ago, so the kids grew up in Murree. Their parents donated the land for a camp which is Camp Mubarak today. Ringer Hall, built a few years ago, is dedicated to their father.

Here are some very serious cooks! Mr. and Mrs. Loong showed the class how to make sweet and sour chicken. It took a lot of chopping, and these boys were very precise! They were proud of their delicious final product, making all the work worth it!

I will leave you with this spectacular view of the snow-capped mountains taken this week. Imagine having tea and biscuits on a sunny morning on our patio and enjoying this view!

Praise and Prayer Requests:

Praise for hope (new life) in the midst of trouble (earthquakes).

Praise that Jared Armistead’s cancer tests came back clear – no sign of active


Pray for the many affected in the recent 7.5 earthquake centered in

Afghanistan but felt across Pakistan, clear into India. Pray that people will hear about the true God and turn to Him.

Please pray for Nancy’s recovery from recent surgery. They were able

to remove 70% of the cancer and she will continue with chemo treatments.

Pray for our staff needs for next year: especially Director, Principal, nurse,

and Math, History and English teachers.

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