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Pepsi and The Bunsen Burner? Oct. 29-Nov. 4, 2015 Newsletter #11

Our Maths and Science classes are

fun and practical!

Miss Logan had these 7th graders, Hyosuk and Sia, make 3-dimensional multi-faceted shapes

out of paper: the 8 sided one is called an octahedron, and the 20 sided one is an icosahedron!

In Science class, Mrs. Baron was teaching about the methods of separating chemical mixtures. These pictures show students distilling Pepsi over the Bunsen burner!

Students also used chromatography to separate the dyes in food coloring.

In Chapel, I (Christine) gave some more history of our school – this time of the very beginnings from 1956-1959. We heard from some “voices of the past” like Mr. Pullium, Mrs. Calderwood, Tim Philbrick and Judy (Haas) McKeehan. These early staff and students were represented by Mr. and Mrs. Lannon, Mr. Lehmann and Mrs. Raiter. They read the narrative as if writing letters home, while my 10th grade home room acted out their stories. I think we were surprised at the difficulties these early ‘pioneers’ faced as they set up and experienced MCS! It certainly gave us a new appreciation for the comforts we have today, such as, plenty of water – hot even!, six school vehicles, including a Mercedes van!, and central heating and SUI gas! It is good to learn about the sacrifices and effort that everyone before us has given to build up MCS and maintain its high standards. Remembering the past inspires us to have vision and perseverance, too!

Thanks to Paul Asbury Seaman who compiled such an excellent history of MCS in,

Far Above the Plain.

Here is a photo of decorative grills that have been added to some

windows for extra security. Our National Staff did a great job of

welding the individual leaves, which took a lot of time!

Anyone that has ever been to MCS knows that food is very important here!

So I will whet your appetite with these pictures: Fresh roti at a restaurant in Murree where the students recently went for lunch; and ice cream bars that the Seniors were selling after school on Fridays!

Many staff have been away on their conferences this week, so we would like to thank Mr. Heger and the Millers for covering in boarding; and Mrs. Miller, Miss Ulla and Mr. Newmarch for covering their classes. Thank you!

In Church recently, Mr. Raiter spoke about the time when the Israelites asked for a king. We should also consider the pressure to conform to the world around us, the protection we have in God, and the personal relationship He desires with each of us. Last week in Church, we watched a video of Francis Chan as he spoke about Job and the bigger picture of trials in our lives. God wants to use the trials in our lives to teach and purify us.

Praise and Prayer Requests:

Praise for those who envisioned, worked and sacrificed to start MCS almost 60 years ago!

Praise the Lord for His leadership, protection and provision all these years!

Pray for the seniors taking

the SAT in Islamabad Saturday, and the 4th – 8th graders who will do the IOWA tests each morning next week. Testing can make students anxious and worn out!

Continue to pray for the many affected in the October earthquake centered

in Afghanistan. Pray that people will hear about the true God and turn to Him.

Please pray for Nancy’s recovery from recent surgery. They were able

to remove 70% of the cancer and she will continue with chemo treatments.

Pray for our staff needs for next year: especially Director, Principal, nurse,

and Math, History and English teachers. You will find an updated flyer on our website that you can post in your church or send to those interested.

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