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Autumn is Here in Murree! Nov. 5-11, 2015 Newsletter #12

Autumn is a beautiful time of year in these mountains. The horse chestnut trees have turned a beautiful orange/yellow. We are experiencing much colder temperatures, so we have to keep reminding students to dress warmly and close the doors!

We have a very inviting track that goes around the school campus for walking and jogging.

Recently, some repairs to it were completed,

including more drains and a new layer of gravel.

rebuilding of the steps/benches

alongside the court.

Continuing the theme of Cooking Around the World in the Home Ec class, Aunty Laurie instructed students in the making of a real American chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.

So far they have experienced Singapore with the Loongs making Sweet and Sour Chicken, and Ireland with Aunty Stephanie making Irish Stew.

HaeYoung and Aman are measuring carefully to make the perfect moist cake.

Mrs. Raiter is teaching Elementary Music as well as individual instrument lessons to some students. She also leads a Choir after school. Here, Micah is practicing the recorder.

Another one of Mrs. Raiter’s jobs is teaching Art. Recently, students created silhouette self-portraits. These featured symbolic representations of their character, interests, values and stories. We were challenged to see if we could guess who they were. (Pictured here are: JuYoung, Colleen, HaeRim, MinHa)

Continuing our journey through the history of MCS, Mr. Newmarch spoke in Chapel about his years at MCS from 1989-2002. He had some very entertaining stories from the time he and his family spent here!

In Church, Mr. Heger spoke about forgiveness and unconditional love. We should always have the goal of restoring and building relationships.

On Saturday, many of the seniors went to ISOI to take the SAT exam. They will know their scores in two weeks. Many are busy working on applications for universities.

The IOWA exams were given to grades 4-8 each morning this week. The scores will be returned to us in a few weeks and we will send them to parents.

The Junior High went into Murree for lunch on the weekend, and the Grade 11 went to their home room teachers’, the Raiters, for a meal and fun. They were even able to skype with Miss Piper, their former home room teacher.

It was good to see Symen VanLeeuwen when he stopped by for a bit!

Praise and Prayer Requests:

Praise for changing seasons and warm heaters!

Praise for our National Staff who take such good care of our facilities!

Pray for Seniors as they apply to universities and consider what God would have

them do next.

Continue to pray for the many affected in the October earthquake centered

in Afghanistan. Pray that people will hear about the true God and turn to Him.

Please pray for Nancy’s recovery from recent surgery. They were able

to remove 70% of the cancer and she will continue with chemo treatments.

Pray for our staff needs for next year: especially Director, Principal, nurse,

and Math, History and English teachers. You will find an updated flyer on our website that you can post in your church or send to those interested.

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