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The Big Apple Nov. 12-18, 2015 Newsletter #13

What do apples slices and population density have in common? If you had been in Miss Warwick’s Human Geography class, you would have seen how, if an apple represents the world, ¼ of it represents the total land mass; and the peeling of a 1/32 slice of an apple illustrates the arable land of the world. This is the amount of topsoil that we can grow food on for the whole world! This is a factor in determining where populations live. Interesting!

Miss Martin’s German class learned about the tradition of making lanterns as a memorial to St. Martin who, according to legend, shared his coat with a cold poor man. Children in Germany today often sing songs about sharing and carry their lanterns in processions through dark paths.

The whole school had a very special surprise on Saturday evening. All we were told was to dress nicely. After a trip down the hill to Islamabad, our vehicles turned in at the Serena hotel! An elaborate buffet awaited us in their beautiful, large dining room. This was provided by a generous gift from a Korean church who just wanted to bless us as a school.

Food choices included green salads, pasta salads, fruit, cheese, seafood, soups and breads…and that was just the start! Then you could fill another plate with hot dishes of several varieties. There were rows of delicious cakes of so many different flavors – you were tempted to sample them all!

We are very grateful for this special treat and the occasion to spend time together away from the school routine. Thank you!

In our Chapel time we had a video from one of the favorite Christian groups around here, Rend Collective, about how faith is a risk. In Church Mr. Fyffe visited, along with his family, and spoke about smells – good and bad! The Bible speaks a lot about how our lives should be a pleasing aroma to God.

Praise and Prayer Requests:

Praise for special times!

Praise for the prayers and support MCS receives from all over the world!

Pray for Seniors as they apply to universities and consider what God would have

them do next.

Please pray for Nancy’s recovery from recent surgery. They were able

to remove 70% of the cancer and she will continue with chemo treatments.

Pray for our staff needs for next year: especially Director, Principal, nurse,

and Math, History and English teachers. You will find an updated flyer on our website that you can post in your church or send to those interested.

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