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Food, Art and Sport! November 26 - December 2, 2015 Newsletter #15

The Seniors skipped today! (Friday)

Carrying on the tradition of sneaking away for a weekend of fun and relaxation as a class, this year’s 12th Grade managed to get away without the 11th Grade catching them, even though there were some suspicions! Pictures next week!

In the Grade 7 Math class recently, students collected leaves and then performed a number of calculations on them, such as measuring the lengths and widths. Then they made frequency tables and comparison charts to display their findings.

Here are some of the posters the Home Ec students made for their cultural study of various countries.

This week they made spitzbuben - German Christmas cookies.

Here is a collage art project using bits of paper.

The Middle School students traveled to ISOI last weekend for their Badminton and Soccer Tournament with ISOI and LAS. Even though they didn’t win with their small teams, they had fun. Here are the girls with their 3rd place trophy.

The Executive Board met this week and appointed some new staff members for next year: Mr. Simon Malik will be Director; Kate Butler, from New Zealand, will be the ESL teacher; and Nyssa Piesker, from the USA, will teach music. We are very thankful for people who have listened to God’s call!

Exams are being given this week as we are finishing the first semester already!

In Chapel Mr. Lehmann shared his pictures and experiences of the trip to Germany and Ireland that he took last summer. He stressed the importance of learning from all the experiences of traveling.

In Church Mr. Lanz spoke on the advent, or coming, of Jesus. He reminded us of God’s passion for human beings; His love, kindness and mercy to help us when we were helpless to save ourselves. There is no greater friendship!

*Alumni News*

Congratulations to Jeannie and Phil Richardson on the birth of their 2nd child, a daughter, Corrin Una, born November 28!

Praise and Prayer Requests:

Praise for some new staff for next year!

Praise for the interesting world God has created and how we can discover it,

learn about it and enjoy it!

Pray for teachers as they mark exams and write reports.

Pray for Nancy Stewart as she continues with chemo treatments Dec 1.

Pray for Nick Strachan as he prepares to come out in January to teach


Pray for our other staff needs for next year: especially Girls’ Boarding,

Principal, Nurse, and Math, History and English teachers. You will find an updated flyer on our website that you can post in your church or send to those interested.

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