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Senior Skip! December 3-9, 2015 Newsletter #16

The Seniors had a great time on their skip to Lahore: Playing paintball, riding go-carts, visiting the Badshai Mosque and the border ceremony, church at FC College … and eating!

On their return they found that the 11th Grade had pranked their lounge, which is also a tradition. This year they covered the whole room in newspapers and had the furniture stacked

In AP Chemistry, Mr. Baron had the students do an experiment investigating whether an acid, like Listerine or Coke, can maintain its acidity when a strong alkaline solution is added to it.

In chapel I (Christine) gave Mr. Simon Bhatti a congratulations card and gift from the staff and

Then I presented another decade of MCS history, this time the 60’s. A slideshow of pictures highlighted how the school looked before the library addition; the coming of long term people like Eunice Hill (37 years); the first graduation in 1964; the start of bands and choirs; the school song; and big changes that took place during these years,

like the building of the hostel.

Mr. Baron showed some antique equipment that he had found stored away in cupboards, like old cameras, film projectors, a dictation machine, a science scale and carbon paper. The students were fascinated!

Again, we are so grateful for the many people who have built up such a quality school over the years.

The Senior High took a ride on the chairlifts at Patriata. They had a clear view of the snow-capped mountains and enjoyed a hike.

The Junior High went in to Murree to do some shopping for the “Secret Santa” presents for our Christmas party next Saturday.

Mr. Raiter spoke in church about not trusting in our own strengths and trusting God’s purposes and powers instead.

The SH Boys put their shoes out by their doors on Dec. 6th. Why? For treats of course! It is a German tradition on St. Nikolaus Day.

*Alumni News*

Congratulations to John Barker who recently announced his engagement to Rachael! They met during an English teaching program in the Middle East during the summer of 2014, and plan to get married next summer.

Please remember Deb Rupe and her family since her mother passed away recently.

Praise and Prayer Requests:

Praise for fun and safety for Seniors on their Skip and the kids on the chairlifts.

Praise for times of celebration.

Pray for tired teachers as they finish up the term.

Pray for Nancy Stewart as she continues with chemo treatments.

Pray for Nick Strachan as he prepares to come out in January to teach science.

Pray for our other staff needs for next year: especially Girls’ Boarding,

Principal, Nurse, Music and Math, History and English teachers. You will find an updated flyer on our website that you can post in your church or send to those interested.

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