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Fun, Food and Finally Snow! Jan. 28 - Feb. 10, 2016 Newsletter #19

The Junior High had an exciting day at Lakeview Park!

Bumper cars, the 3D motion ride, paddle boats, the haunted house and the food court were favorites! This park continues to add attractions, so there are many more now to choose from.

On another weekend, the Junior High had a game night in the gym. Challenging each other in a race while pulling someone on a towel looked like fun!

One Home Ec class took a break from cooking for a while and learned some other practical skills – writing a CV and doing mock interviews. This is great preparation for the future when these students need to go out on their own and get a job.

Back in the kitchen, students made chicken vegetable stir fry and fruit cobblers.

The Senior High had a cooking competition recently. This is a favorite activity because it ends with eating!! Each of the four groups was given a variety of ingredients, like potatoes, rice or pasta, a meat, and vegetables - but no recipe! They had to quickly come up with a recipe and prepare it, keeping in mind how it looked, tasted, and how creative it was. They also had to make a dessert. Another important area of judging was how clean the kitchen was afterwards! It all culminated in a big buffet including the desserts like pie, fruit salad, and chocolate/banana crepes! The judges were impressed by how creative the students could be with just simple ingredients. It was fun and delicious!

In Church, we heard a good video talk by Mike Chandler. Then last Sunday,

Mr. Lanz came and spoke about how the cross of suffering reveals what was in Jesus’ heart and ours.

For Chapel 2 weeks ago, Mr. Raiter gave some pointers on how to read Bible verses if asked to in a public setting, like church. Preparation and speaking with clarity and expression are very important.

Last week, Aunty Diana told us about the celebrations in many countries for Chinese New Year. Then Miss Logan told us about her recent trip to Hong Kong to visit missionaries there. This colorful display explains the New Year and the work of these missionaries.

Another important thing about these notice boards is that they have been covered with a clear, hard plastic window that protects fine work like this from the flying balls!

A heavy snowfall yesterday gave us some much needed precipitation, besides being pretty and fun! Mr. Lehmann took his 10th grade Math class out in it to measure the amount of snowfall in an hour...and to have fun! This was my view out my office window!

Praise and Prayer Requests:

Praise for food, snow and fun!

Praise for times of learning, too!

Pray for the Middle School as they train for their upcoming basketball and volleyball


Pray for the coming MCS Board meeting in a couple of weeks.

Pray for Nancy Stewart as she continues with chemo treatments – the cancer hasn’t grown, but pray it will respond and shrink with new drugs.

Pray for our staff needs for next year:

Especially Math, History and English Teachers,

Girls’ Boarding, Principal, Music, Secretary.

You will find an updated flyer on our website that you can post in your church or send to those interested.

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