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Talent - Today and From the Past Feb. 11-17 Newsletter #20

The MCS students showed their creativity at Saturday evening’s Talent Show. It’s a testimony to the family atmosphere here when students and staff can be brave enough to get up on stage, be serious or silly, and enjoy the acts and laugh at each other.

There were songs by Yearim, Noelle, HaeYoung, Haerim, Juhee and Juyoung, and one by the JH boys and Mr. Strachan. And of course, Aunty Stephanie told her jokes!

The Elementary; Peter, JeongHyun and Barzillai, did several silly skits.

Benjamin and Mr. Raiter recited poems. (Well, I don’t know if Benjamin’s “counts”!)

There were creative skits by JuYoung and her group of volunteers about the history of MCS, and Mrs. Raiter and Miss Warwick doing an MCS news broadcast in Australian slang. Thankfully, Miss Edwards was translating for us!

Colleen and Minha, who have been roommates so long they’re like sisters, made a funny video.

The 11th grade girls performed a great song, creating their own rhythm section.

Brother and sister, HaRey and DongHyuk performed on the piano and trumpet.

There were dances from various cultures, too: A Korean dance by Subin, JuYoung and DongHyuk; a Bollywood dance with Jodie, Yearim, Dua, Priscilla, Haerim, HaRey and Simran; and a song and dance by the Germans.

The Tech Team worked the sound and lights and helped set up: Rohan, JoonHee, Aman.

As you can see, in the end, all the students took part in some way!

In other news this week:

The Home Ec class practiced their knife skills…on vegetables, that is!

The senior class sold roses for Valentine’s Day.

In Church, we heard an excellent sermon on love.

In Chapel, I shared more MCS history – this time mostly about some of the long term staff here in the early years:

The Calderwoods, The Roubs, (the Sandes lounge is named after them), the Murrays, Rosie Stewart, Inger Gardner, (the computer lab is named in her honor), Eunice Hill (the Murray Hill Learning Center named after them) and Deb Rupe (the lounge is named after her).

There have also been many National Staff who have been here for up to 33 years: John Samuel, Emmanuel, Rasheed, Sharif, Khushbal, Hameed.

And of course, there’s Mr. Simon, 37 years, and Mr. Albert was here for over 30 years.

Charles Roub passed away on January 1, 2016. He and Eloise were here for 25 years. He came as director after Don Calderwood.

There are many, many more people who have given, sacrificed, served, and loved. They have shared their talents in teaching, administration, accounting, parenting, building, creating, cooking, repairing, driving, building up libraries, and playing sports. They have inspired students to do their best and grow mentally and spiritually. We are a blessed group!

Thank you!

Praise and Prayer Requests:

Praise for the personalities and talents the Lord has blessed us with!

Praise for the many, many staff who have contributed to MCS over these 60 years!

Pray for safety for many students going down the hill this weekend for a variety of activities. We never take our safety on these roads for granted!

Pray for the Middle School as they train for their upcoming basketball and volleyball tournament.

Pray for the coming MCS Board meeting at the end of the month.

Pray for Nancy Stewart as she continues with chemo treatments – the cancer hasn’t grown, but pray it will respond and shrink with new drugs.

Pray for our staff needs for next year:

Especially Math, History and English Teachers,

Girls’ Boarding, Principal, Music, Secretary.

You will find an updated flyer on our website that you can post in your church or send to those interested.

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