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Middle School Plays at the ISOI/LAS Basketball & Volleyball Tournament! Feb. 25 - Mar 2, 201

Our Middle School students put a lot of effort into training for their basketball and volleyball tournament at ISOI last weekend. Participants were in grades 5-9. Several games were played against the teams from ISOI and LAS. Our girls won first place in basketball! It was nice to have 2 home school girls join our team. The boys took second.

The coaches were Mr. Lehmann, Jair, Jonathan and Rohan. Uncle Hans is the Athletic Director who helped set things up. They have been working with our teams since January, helping them to get in shape and to learn the rules and strategies of the games.

Thanks to all who helped them prepare, and also to the parents who support their children in these valuable experiences!

In Chapel on Friday, a Francis Chan video emphasized the purpose of prayer.

Some special guests visited just in time to join us: Dave and Georgina Newmarch brought their daughters, Emma and Rebekah, and Rebekah’s husband Peter, who are from Australia. The Albers also came, with their little children, Lilly and Asher. The Baron’s daughter, Helen, is working in country for a couple of months, so she occasionally comes up the hill. It is so nice to have visitors!

In Church Uncle Isaiah pointed out how rich we are in Christ. So we need to claim His promises and live in the assurance, hope, joy and peace they can bring no matter what our circumstances.

The MCS Board of Directors met on Monday. This group is made up of some parents, representatives of the school and others representing various missions. They meet twice a year, with the Executive Board meeting another two times. They look at staff applications, policies, finances etc. We appreciate each one as they volunteer their time and experience to help guide our school.

The science class recently distilled crude oil! This experiment was to represent how crude oil is separated into different compounds that we use, such as, petrol, kerosene and lubricating oil.

The Home Ec class did a different type of experiment: they made some tasty veggie burgers using chickpeas and corn. It’s great to learn about some different options to meat.


Jonathan Binder (Class of 2012) announced his engagement to Tabea Dill on January 1st. Congratulations!

David Smith (Class of 2014) Announces that he passed all of his 1st year studies, and begins his 2nd year at Murdoch University, Australia, on 29 Feb. in Sports Science.

Praise and Prayer Requests:

Praise for the good Middle School Tournament! And that we haven’t had any

major injuries all year!

Praise for the MCS Board who volunteer to give guidance for us!

Pray for the 6 girls and 2 staff that are observing at Bach hospital thisweekend for their biology class. This is an incredible opportunity to see operations first hand and may help some decide to have a medical career.

Nancy Stewart wishes to thank everyone for their prayers. She has not had too bad of a reaction to this round of chemo, so she is grateful. She even has had the energy to send us some books, as she assists us with our libraries!

Pray for our staff needs for next year: Pray for pending applications!

But still pray for Math, History and English Teachers,

Girls’ Boarding, Elementary Boarding, Principal, Music, Secretary.

You will find an updated flyer on our website that you can post in your church or send to those interested.

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