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Science! March 3-9, 2016 Newsletter #23

Some of the biology students had the unique opportunity to go to Bach Christian Hospital in Qalandarabad last weekend. Dr. Luke and Nancy and Drs. John and Angela were very gracious hosts.

Students were able to observe in the operating room, go on rounds in the wards, see the pharmacy and see how blood is tested. Besides seeing video presentations, they were able to see births, a kidney stone surgery, a hysterectomy, a spinal tap and ultrasounds. These are valuable experiences that these students could never get at this age back in their home countries!

Thanks again to

Bach hospital,

and to Mrs. Baron for arranging the trip and being a chaperon along with Mrs. Raiter!

Mrs. Baron, Yearim, Colleen, Jodie, Subin, Minha

(Not pictured: HaRey)

In other science:

Mr. Strachan had as much fun as the students with his science experiments recently - especially since it involved fire and explosions! When sugar & acid were combined it made carbon and water, i.e. lots of black stuff! When acid reacted to magnesium it made hydrogen and salt, which, when lit, made a pop and the Pringles can flew up to various heights. These are lessons that the students will remember!

- Here are some topics that students are studying in the English Department: Grade 7/8: Studied the novel The Giver; now they are studying rhetoric and analysing speeches.

- Grade 9/10: Studied Macbeth; now they are studying protest poetry.

- Grade 11: Each read and wrote an essay on a postcolonial novel; now they are studying major poetic periods.

- Grade 12: Studied Othello; next week they will start responding to a non-fiction text (non-APs) or analysing a fiction text (APs).

- 7/8 Creative Writing: Have studied different genres of writing (e.g. suspense, sci-fi, historical fiction, memoir).

Mr. Raiter does an excellent job of giving these students an interesting and important variety of topics! They will be well prepared for their futures!

We enjoyed another chapel about the history of MCS. This time Marie (Dalton) Lehmann was our guest speaker. She came to MCS as a 1st grader and remembers blackouts during the ’65 war, crowded dorm rooms in the new hostel, barter sales, hobby shows and kids’ camp. She still appreciates the role models and lifelong friends that she encountered during these years. She returned as a teacher from 1981-89. She really felt fulfilled teaching English, Art and Bible.

After being married, she came back again in 1991 with her husband and young son, Aaron (who is a teacher here now!). Her own children enrolled in MCS so she experienced MCS from a parent’s point of view and appreciated the Christian friendships her boys made. Coming back again as a teacher in 2009-11, she appreciated the improvements in our facilities. Hearing about her memories makes us grateful for people who have worked here in the past, but also makes us appreciate what we have today!

We had another guest speaker on Sunday - Dan Brown, who graduated from MCS with the Class of 1981. He is now working in Istanbul. He is here for a short while participating in a symposium at FC College in Lahore. His sermon helped us consider our creator and how He is reflecting creation in us and the Church.

Also in attendance, was Catriona, visiting from Australia. She is a principal of a school there and is in this country doing some training workshops for principals of local schools in Lahore.


Theo Bachmann, who was a GAP student here in 2009-2010, returned for a visit this week. He will be finishing his university course in software engineering soon, and then doing a 2 year Bible course and hopes to return to work in Pakistan!

Praise and Prayer Requests:

Praise for a good trip for the Biology students!

Praise for past staff and students who continue to support MCS!

Pray for a good finish to the term and a good break for all!

Pray for our staff needs for next year: Pray for pending applications!

But still pray for Math, History and English Teachers,

Girls’ Boarding, Elementary Boarding, Principal, Music, Secretary.

You will find an updated flyer on our website that you can post in your church or send to those interested.

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