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Thanking our National Staff April 7-13, 2016 Newsletter #26

National Staff Lunch

Last Saturday was a special day for honoring our National Staff.

Thankfully, the rain stopped enough for the children to enjoy our newly painted playground, which they really look forward to!

The men played cricket in the gym while the women visited in the lounge.

We served a lunch of chicken karahi, rice and sweet rice. Food was taken to the guards who had to be on duty. The delicious meal was prepared by a local cook, and the students did the dishes and cleaned up so our cooks could have a day off too!

Our student body president and vice president, Benjamin and Yearim, gave a speech of thanks. Some students did a news broadcast and acted out all of the things that the National Staff do that we appreciate so much.

Uncle Harry gave a talk asking what they will choose to do with Jesus.

All the students and staff helped in various ways: decorating, playing with the children, visiting with the women, cheering the cricket game, serving food, and cleaning up. It’s a big job but a very important way to show our appreciation.

In Chapel Mr. Simon shared some of his memories of his 36 years at MCS! His first job was teaching Urdu. Coming from local schools, he had quite a time adjusting to our relaxed classes, dress and methods of teaching. He then moved into office assistant, then office manager and also taught PE, coached and helped in boarding. He remembers the fun and often silly staff/student socials and activities. Through all of the changes that he has lived through at MCS, he has always experienced God’s faithfulness!

In Church Uncle Harry shared his testimony and spoke about how he heard God’s voice calling him as a child and finally chose to obey. We were reminded that the more we focus on Him and listen to His voice calling us to walk with Him, the louder and clearer it will become.

We will have several new staff coming hopefully by next August:

Kate Butler – ESL; Lisa Donald – Secretary; Rahel Lanz will come in January, as the Raiters will be going back to Australia in December. We have others in the application process.

*Alumni News*

John Somerville passed away suddenly a couple of months ago. Margaret has been buoyed by the Christchurch Christian community and her local community at Diamond Harbour. They served at MCS two different times.

He was a faithful servant in NZ as well.

Praise and Prayer Requests:

Praise for our great National Staff, a good time of interaction at the dinner,

and for the mostly dry day!

Praise for some new staff coming and pray for guidance for staff and students

who will be leaving.

Pray for students who might consider the important step of baptism this year.

Pray for the many possible new students and their families as they consider

the big changes of coming to MCS next year.

Pray for staff needs that still need to be filled for next year: Pray for pending

applications and new visas!

You will find an updated flyer on our website that you can post in your church or send to those interested.

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