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Week Of Welcome! March 29-April 9, 2016 Newsletter #25

Everyone arrived back safely from the March break, during which they were also able to enjoy Easter with their families this year.


Nine children joined classes and boarding for our Week Of Welcome!

Some of these were siblings of current students, others were new families. There were also 5 others who just came for a day.

The visitors joined classes, chapel and church, stayed in boarding and enjoyed fun activities. There was an all-school game night with various races and competitions. We sure enjoyed having these students with us for the week. We hope they can join us next year!

The 9/10 Chemistry class has been conducting some very fun experiments. They observed how connecting a potato and two different types of metals can produce the current needed to power a stopwatch. They also put various combinations of metals connected by wires into a beaker of water to see which pair produced the most current to a volt meter.

The students also recently watched with wonder as Mr. Baron lit the ‘magic’ paper at one end and it burned the shape of a fish by itself! (Actually, it was the sodium nitrate on the paper that was the magic ingredient!)

In Chapel, Uncle Hans told us about his life and testimony. He was born in South Africa to German parents. He attended boarding schools so he understands our international setting. He became a Christian as a teenager. After attending Bible school he started a camping program in Germany that challenged the kids physically and spiritually. It continues today. We are thankful for his adventurous spirit and the fun activities he brings to MCS!

On Sunday, Hubert and Nora Schwartz and baby Ana were our guests. Nora’s mother was also visiting from Germany. Hubert spoke to us in church about how important it is to strive to finish the race well to win the prize, just as Jesus completed his race and triumphed over death for us!

*Alumni News*

Karuna Detsch (Class of 2014) She surprised her brothers with a visit recently! Karuna is training and working in occupational therapy.

Sean Lunsford (Class of 2010) is working part time from a distance for a company in Washington DC, designing IT solutions for a construction company, and also works with the campus ministry at Virginia Tech. Jordan is getting married in a few months! He met Jaina, a girl who grew up in the Philippines, when he first arrived at Asbury University. They are finishing up their 3rd year there, both majoring in Media Communications.

Praise and Prayer Requests:

Praise for a safe March break!

Pray for the many affected by the Easter day tragedy in Lahore – for forgiving attitudes and not bitterness and hate.

Pray for students who might consider the important step of baptism this year.

Pray for the possible new students and their families as they consider the big changes of coming to MCS next year.

Continue to pray for Nancy Stewart and the side effects of the chemo along with allergies!

Pray for our staff needs for next year: Pray for pending applications and new visas!

You will find an updated flyer on our website that you can post in your church or send to those interested.

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