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Open House Fun! April 14-20, 2016 Newsletter #27

The Junior High were very busy with secret plans and preparing their rooms for their Open House, which we always look forward to!

Ancient Egypt earned 1st place, with the Pharaoh, a servant and even a mummy!

Galaxy earned 2nd place with the room, and even their faces, decorated with stars!

The Bookafe’ had a very welcoming, relaxing atmosphere. Their hospitality was great!

This was probably Mr. Raiter’s favorite spot, since he is the English teacher!

Loong’s Fried Chicken Restaurant served up delicious chicken and snacks! These boys were great hosts as well.

Rooms were judged on

hospitality, originality of theme, and

atmosphere. The kids all worked hard and guests enjoyed a fun evening of fellowship and lots of food!

The same day, the Senior High students were also working hard, but doing a different type of work! They spent the day doing some projects for Camp Mubarak. They were able to paint the inside and outside of the old meeting room.

They helped make wooden bins to store different types of rock that are used for projects, and then moved the gravel off the play area into these bins.

It is wonderful to have the privilege of serving this camp that provides spiritual teaching and renewal for thousands of people each year.

In Chapel, I showed a short video on two of Jesus’ parables and we discussed them in small groups.

In Church, Mr. Lanz spoke on the parable of the prodigal son. How do we respond to God’s goodness?

Several students are taking our classes about baptism…Teachers only have 3 more weeks of classes until exams…Students are preparing for IGCSE or AP exams that begin May 2nd…And the year-end activities, like Formal and Banquet, will come soon! We all appreciate your prayers and support!

Praise and Prayer Requests:

Praise for events out of the regular school day that also teach great lessons!

Praise for Camp Mubarak and its service for the Lord!

Pray for new staff and students that hope to come; and for guidance for those

who will be leaving.

Pray for students as they finish preparing for exams.

Pray for a good JH campout this weekend.

Pray for staff needs that still need to be filled for next year: Pray for pending

applications and new visas! You will find an updated flyer on our

website that you can post in your church or send to those interested.

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