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End Of Year Events Have Begun! May 5-11, 2016 Newsletter #30

The Junior High group had a special evening out at the Shangri-La restaurant for dinner and games. This end of year event is called “Formal”, and it gives them a chance to put on their best dress and manners! Don’t they look great!

Thanks Annika, Auntie Stephanie, Auntie Diana, Uncle Isaiah, and Daniel for giving of yourselves this year in boarding to help guide and grow these young people: Homilia, Simran, Jireh, Dua, Sia, Anayr, Paul, HyoSuk, Ricky and Juhwan.

The Senior High Boys played a volleyball game against the Military College Murree, which is right next door to our campus. Our team put up a good challenge, but lost overall. There were a few staff who went along to cheer them on. All received green MCM hats and were treated to chai and samozas afterwards!

In Chapel Auntie Stephanie spoke to us about the plan God has made for each of us, and that we should walk in it. We can choose to influence others for Jesus and use our gifts for Him. And even though we don’t know the next step, Jesus is our light! Since she is leaving, she passed on a very important item – her snow plaque! JuYoung will be entrusted to put this up and encourage us all to pray for snow next winter!

In Church Mr. Albers spoke about the time of Adam and Eve’s sin. We too, often try to cover up our sin or blame others. Thankfully, God’s plan is for us to come to Him, and He will forgive our sin and cover it for eternity! We have the privilege of having Him both know and love us!

AP exams finished today. Please pray for the seniors and their plans for work and further education. Some still have to decide where they will go.

For some students there’s one more IGCSE next week along with internal exams.

The Senior High boys gave a devotional to the Elementary/Junior High boys. It’s great when the older ones mentor the younger ones.

*Alumni News*

Esther Strickert (Teacher 2007-2009) and Hans-Martin Klockner (widower with 4 grown-up

children) announce their engagement and the start of their life together on the 25th of June in Landau, Germany. Both of them have been connected for a long time with Lifeline CDS in the Sindh and are now looking forward to serving the Lord together and making short-term trips to Pakistan.

Praise and Prayer Requests:

Praise for how the Lord continues to call and inspire people to serve Him here

in Pakistan, and provides necessary funds and even partners!

Praise for special times to mark important accomplishments, like the end of

year celebrations here.

Pray for students as they finish up exams and those preparing for graduation

and leaving MCS.

Pray for staff who have to prepare for reports and also get ready to go. Besides

the GAP students, Annika, Daniel and Dominik, the Lannons and Aaron Lehmann will be leaving us.

Pray for the special 60th year of MCS Celebration Service here on the 23rd.

Pray for the Award ceremony and Baptism service the last week…and of

course Graduation the 26th!

Pray for the upcoming MCS Executive Board meeting on Monday.

Pray for staff needs that still need to be filled for next year: Pray for pending

applications and new visas! You will find an updated flyer on our

website that you can post in your church or send to those interested.

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