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Celebrating 60 Years Since MCS Was Founded! May 23, 2016 Newsletter #32

MCS 60th Anniversary Celebration

One very special time during this final week was the 60th Anniversary Celebration of MCS. Mr. Simon Malik and a group of past staff helped to organize a program that helped us look back with fond memories and also to look forward to the future.

We were honored to have Miss Eunice Hill give the opening welcome and prayer, and Debby Rupe read the verse that has become the theme for MCS, Psalm 119:90 – “Your faithfulness continues through all the generations…” These two ladies, as house parents, gave many, many students a good foundation over the more than 33/25 years they were here.

The MCS choir led the singing, accompanied by other students.

Benjamin Lanz, the Student Body President, read Psalm 105:1-6. Dr. Luke Cutherell brought the message, saying that it is good to look back and remember in order to give glory to God.

Dr. James Tebbe, a former student from the 1960’s gave a prayer of thanksgiving. He is now the President of Forman Christian College in Lahore.

Our outgoing Director, Harry Lannon, said a prayer for the future.

Then we began the second part of the program. Mr. Simon Malik and Mrs. Lanz gave some opening thoughts, and then it was open for alumni to relate any memories or stories. Daniel Lannon spoke about his times in boarding, especially the pranks! Benjamin Lanz, Jim Tebbe, Eunice Hill and Luke Cutherell also shared.

Paul Stock had written a very funny skit, which he performed with Benjamin Lanz. I will post it on our website.

I (Christine Phelan) and Aaron Lehmann, a former student and current teacher, read a few of the memories that alumni had sent to us for our celebration. Some edited samples: Dave Davis, the first MCS graduate in 1964! - the cake wallah;

Jan (Aiken) Gibson 1956-64 - tin tubs lined up for baths in Aunty Rosie’s room once a week;

Ian Murray teacher 1962-2000 - Sports Day!;

Ruthie (Nygren) Keller 1963-1977 graduated 7-7-77 - MCS instilled a tremendous love for mountains, nature, third world culture and of course, curry and chai!;

Albert Sadiq 1985-2015 - Son, Shawn, was born in the MCS dispensary;

Nancy Stewart 1997-2008 - The terrorist attack - but also the song time we had for over an hour the night after - and the first church service after school reopened in Aug 2004 & the joy of seeing senior highs leading the worship!

Memories from other alumni were posted on the timeline and some were included in the Kahani yearbook.

Paul Stock also wrote a Qawalli, which is a song that tells a story. And what a story! He and his group of adults and students sang and led us in this fun look at the past and the present. I will post it as well.

Several guests were invited up to cut a cake, and then we could visit, watch a slideshow of historic pictures, or help create an art display.

Here is a picture of past students and staff that attended.

Padre Javed, Georgina Newmarch, Manu Piper, Darcy Albers, Liz Giller, Sitayesh Malik, Dave Newmarch, Marie Dalton Lehmann, Karuna Detsch, Aaron Lehmann, Luke Cutherell, Jim Tebbe, Paul Stock, Daniel Lannon, Deb Rupe, Eunice Hill and Nicky Stock.

It was a wonderful evening! It helped new students appreciate those who have worked to make MCS what it is today, and it was a great time of remembering for those who were here in the past.

And, as Nancy Stewart so aptly wrote,

“Thank you Lord, for 60 years of the Holy Spirit hovering in the Himalayas!”

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