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The Last Celebrations of the Year! May 24-26, 2016 Newsletter #33

What a great final few days of the school year!

It’s always a good feeling to get the classrooms finally cleaned, sorted and inventoried, and reports completed. And then the ceremonies continued!

Our awards ceremony is a mixture of acknowledging the academic, arts and sports achievements, and having a fun time of looking back over the year. Each home room group had chosen pictures for a slideshow of the highlights of their year. These always include the campouts, class parties, outings and boarding activities. It’s a chance for students to say goodbye to all those leaving and to thank staff for their hard work.

The Citizenship awards were announced too: HyoSuk Song for Junior High, DongHyuk Im for Grade 10, HaeYoung Kim for Grade 11 and HaRey Im for Grade 12.

It was announced that Benjamin Lanz will be the Student Body President again next year and DongHyuk Im will be the Vice President.

At the end of the ceremony, HaRey announced who the senior class had chosen to dedicate this year’s Kahani to: Miss Warwick and Miss Logan! They have appreciated their years of service and what a blessing they’ve been to their class. Then the special historical editions of the yearbook were handed out during tea with students excitedly checking out the pictures and getting their books autographed.

The baptism ceremony is always a special time. This year there were 5 candidates: JuHee, Rohit, Barzillai, DongHyuk and JoonHee.

They had taken classes about the meaning of baptism from Hans Brandt. Each read their testimony and had a family member pray for them before being baptized. We are very proud of them taking this important step in their walk of faith with Jesus.

Graduation is the final official ceremony. The Grade 11 and their parents spent hours decorating the gym and dining room in the class colors of turquoise and yellow. It really made it all look special. Priscilla Carpenter again made the beautiful banners for the graduates. The historical timeline of the 60 years of MCS was displayed on the wall.

The salutatorians, Colleen Lannon and Jonathan Brandt gave a fun speech directed to the Grade 11 class about the various parts of a pie and equated them to things here at MCS that go into making their lives complete and balanced.

The valedictorian, Haerim Kim also gave a farewell speech. Harry Lannon gave a message about ‘Home’. It’s especially difficult for MK’s to define home, but thankfully, we can look forward to an eternal home.

He and Chairman of the MCS Board, Waltraut Lanz presented the diplomas and the students were finally, officially graduated from high school!

The receiving line and Grad Tea followed, with food provided by Grade 11 parents. You might recognize these 2 special guests: Past staff, Eunice Hill and Deb Rupe!

There’s always a grad party in the evening for the graduates and those they want to invite. This year they spent the time at Sandes and had a water slide for a fun activity. It was even fun for those of us watching!

Thank you for your faithful prayers over the year!

We praise God for His protection, His provision and His faithfulness.

We pray that the year 2015-2016 at MCS holds many good memories

and that all will have safe travels and a good break!

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