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Another Year Has Begun! August 8-17, 2016 Newsletter #1

Another school year has begun! It is good to see the returning students and how they have grown! And it’s good to have 9 new students! Welcome Stephen, Joseph, Josh, Yein, Azel, Yejun, Aneem, Inha, and Azwer!

We will start with 8 students in Elementary, and we have 11 in grades 7-9, and 17 in grades 10-12, for a total of 36 students this term (1 more will come for 2nd term). We have 22 staff members here now, with 2 more coming later.

We had an assembly on the first day of school to welcome everyone back. We are thankful for Mr. Simon who is our Director, besides managing Security, and Mrs. Baron who is taking on the High School Principal role while Miss Warwick is on home assignment this year. Other returning staff include: Simon Bhatti, Finance Manager and Mr. Sharoon Javed, Admin Assistant, and teachers: Mr Abid, the Barons, Miss Edwards, Miss Logan, the Raiters, Mr. Strachan and myself, Christine as secretary. New this year, are Mrs. Lee teaching Maths and Miss Butler teaching ESL and Rebekka Flaig who is over the Junior and Senior High girls and is also a nurse. Isaiah and Diana Loong will look after Elementary boarding and oversee the kitchen. Hans and Ulrike Brandt (Nurse) are caring for Junior and Senior High boys. We are very grateful that our 2 Gap year students from Germany arrived for the start of the year! They are already taking a lot of responsibility in boarding and teaching German. They are: Rahel and Josia. Theo, who was a previous Gap year, is back to help us this term.

You can be in prayer for Lisa, who plans to come to take over as secretary as soon as her sister, Kay, has recovered from a serious illness.

We appreciate all of these dedicated people who have answered God’s call!

Staff met for an orientation, worship and lunch.

Our National Staff accomplished many tasks on our campuses over the break like painting, maintenance and cleaning water tanks. Thank you!

Here are this year’s members of the Student Council: Benjamin – President; DongHyuk - Vice President; Jodie Grade 12; Ricky Grade 10, Inha Grade 9 and Hyosuk Grade 7/8.

This group represents the student body and meets weekly to discuss ideas and recommendations about school and boarding life. They also help organize spiritual emphasis weekends and the National Staff dinner.

The Activities Committee also meets weekly to plan weekend activities and campouts. The following students represent the student body: Juhee, Minha, Aman, Priscilla and Simran for Senior High, and Anayr, Dua, Homilia and Aneem represent Junior High.

Youth Group started Friday evening with a special time of worship. They meet each week for worship and students lead and challenge others with discussions.

On Saturday night to welcome everyone back, there were games in the gym…and all with balloons!

The new Grade 12, Class of 2017, have been hard at work painting their lounge. It’s always sad to see the previous designs go, but exciting to see new colors and designs transform the room yet again!

In our Sunday services, we enjoy having many students and staff playing instruments and leading our worship time. Several students will also serve on the ‘Tech Team’ which takes care of the sound and power points for services.

This last Sunday, Uncle Hans led us in some thoughts about the country of Pakistan, with Rohan and Ricky presenting interesting facts, and others sharing examples of what God is doing here.

We always welcome speakers from the community to give sermons at our church services or share at a Friday Chapel. If you or someone you know could help us in this way, we would be very grateful! Just contact me.

*Alumni News *

We’ve enjoyed celebrating the marriages of former students and staff over the summer!

Josh Wiley and Michelle McNeil (Class of 2011), Jordan Lunsford (2008-10) and Jaina, Nate Brees (Class of 2010) and Alexandra, Esther Strickert (Staff 2007-09), and Hans Martin Klockner and Lucy Palmer (Staff 2007-10) and Stephen. Congratulations!

There was a Pakistan reunion in the USA with about 100 former missionaries/MCS staff and students. They had a good time of remembering and also celebrating the 60th anniversary of MCS. There are pictures on their MCS Facebook page.

We’d love to hear from former staff and students anytime. So send me any news or greetings that I can pass on in these newsletters!

Praises and Prayer Requests:

Praise for all the safe travel over the break and returning to school!

Praise for our great staff and a good start to a new year!

Pray for our recent graduates, Jonathan, Noelle, Jair HaRey, Haerim, Colleen, Yearim, Rohit, and Sameer, who are working or will be attending universities soon. And pray for our former staff, the Lannons, Aaron, Annika, Daniel and Dominik as they re-locate.

Pray for new staff in all their adjustments to life here: Kate, Rebekka, Mrs. Lee, and the 2 Gaps: Rahel, Josia and Theo, and Lisa and Rahel L. who will come later.

Continue to pray for healing for Nancy Stewart as she continues cancer treatment.

Pray for this country as the parents of our students continue to serve the Lord here!

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