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Activities Are In Full Swing At MCS! August 18-24, 2016 Newsletter #2


Of course, classes have been in session for over two weeks now, but there are other ways to learn too…

Miss Edwards organized “Olympic” competitions for the Elementary last week. There was a discus throw with a paper plate, a javelin throw with a straw, a standing long jump and shotput with a balloon!

They were given medals for their efforts. She helped them keep up with what was going on in the real Olympics, too.

The Junior High weekend activity was also created around the Olympic theme. First the teams had to create their own flag, anthem and rap song. Then they competed in crazy races like the ‘hurdles’ pictured below!

What do you do with toilet roll tubes, tape

and string?

You make a bridge, of course!

The Senior High weekend activity looked like a difficult challenge. First, the teams had a volleyball competition and the winning team got their pick of certain special supplies to use in building a bridge. All were given cardboard tubes and tape. Teams had less than an hour and a half to work.

The bridges were then tested to see how much weight each would hold.

This was the winning bridge!

Our National Staff gave special honor to Mr. Simon recently. First the guards had a brief ceremony to acknowledge his promotion to MCS Director.

Then, on the next day, the rest of the National Staff held another ceremony in his honor. Mr. Simon works hard with all of these valuable people and earns their respect.

In Chapel time, we all had a prayer walk around our campus, classrooms and buildings. We prayed for students, staff, the National Staff and for the Lord’s protection and guidance this year.

In Church, Mr. Raiter read a sermon given by Norval Christy, who was in this country for years and very involved in MCS, telling us to look at what God has given us ‘in our hand’ and to dedicate it to His use.

Praises and Prayer Requests:

Praise for all kinds of learning and for the people who are using their talents to serve here!

Pray for many students who will be starting in universities and other programs around the world soon.

Pray for the Lord’s protection and strength as we continue to serve Him here!

Continue to pray for healing for Nancy Stewart as she continues cancer treatment.

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