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Archaeology and Art August 25-31, 2016 Newsletter #3

You never know what you’ll dig up at MCS! The Grade 7 Class experienced an archaeological dig on a small scale for Aunty Diana’s History class. Yejun and Peter learned about the careful digging that is required and the need for exact measuring and recording of their finds.

In Junior High Art, students worked with “Tessalations”. These are repeated triangular shapes that would fit together exactly when turned. Beautiful aren’t they!

After school clubs are getting organized. The drama, Androcles and the Lion is being prepared for presentation some time in November. There are groups that meet for music and art after school, just for fun. Training for swimming and volleyball is taking place for the tournaments scheduled for the end of September. A Senior High girls’ volleyball team is getting organized to go to Muscat, Oman for a tournament toward the end of October.

The Senior High students had an outing to Islamabad on Saturday and were able to play in the ISOI swimming pool and have volleyball tournaments with the ISOI teams. After this, they had supper, shopped and came back up the hill.

The Elementary children enjoyed a movie marathon and the Junior High group had fun making their own movies.

In Chapel, the new boarding staff had a chance to tell us a little about themselves. Theo, here as a GAP student in 2009-10, has completed university studies in Software Engineering. But before his Bible school starts in October, he is fitting in a term of service here! After his Bible training, he is looking forward to coming back to Pakistan long term to help in missionary work here.

Rebekka is here as a house parent and nurse; and her sister, Rahel is also helping in boarding and teaching German. They grew up in the church and have served in many ways.

Josia was born in Pakistan and soon moved to Germany where both his mother and father work with Pakistani refugees.

We prayed for these young people that this time at MCS will be a time of growth and that God will guide them in the future use of their gifts.

For Church Mr. Heger spoke about God as our Father. We enjoy having our students take an active part in the music and Tech Team.

Praises and Prayer Requests:

Praise for young people who look for God to lead them into missionary service!

Praise God for bringing staff to MCS and also pray for the new staff needed for next semester and the 2017-18 school year.

Pray for a fun and meaningful campout this weekend for senior high, and the next weekends for the other groups.

Continue to pray for healing for Nancy Stewart as she continues cancer treatment.

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