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Science at MCS September 1-7, 2016 Newsletter #4

Miss Butler had her Home Ec class do a practical lesson on 'The Science of Cake'. They conducted an experiment to test out the functions of each key ingredient involved in cake baking. They made four cakes - three of which were missing something crucial (eggs, baking powder, sugar) - to see just what would happen and this was the result!

The students enjoyed the experiment process; making predictions and noting their observations as they baked and tasted their cakes.

Of course, eating them was the most fun!

Mr. Baron had his senior Physics students do a practical to verify Newton's laws of motion. They used the newly acquired light gates which can measure velocity and acceleration and log the results on the computer.

The Class of 2017 had their picture taken with their advisors, the Raiters, in their newly painted Senior Lounge.

Each wall has a different design that

is bright and very well done!

How much of this verse can you read?

The Senior High had good weather for their campout! That’s always a blessing here that we don’t take for granted because the monsoon rain can still get things very wet in a hurry!

Campfires, singing, worship, games (with the new Corn Hole boards!) and a hike to the waterfall were enjoyed.

In Chapel, the new teaching staff had a chance to tell us a little about themselves.

Kate is from New Zealand and spoke about the friends that helped her grow and interested her in missions.

Eunjoung is from Korea and has been in this country since 1998 and is thankful for MCS as a place where their 2 daughters can get an education.

Mr. Azhar is Pakistani and has been teaching Urdu since 1993. He is a fourth generation Christian and has 3 children.

For Church, we watched a video by J. John, a very gifted speaker. He gave us reasons why it makes sense to become a Christian.

Praises and Prayer Requests:

Praise for a fun and meaningful Senior High campout and pray for an equally good campout this weekend for Junior High, and the next weekend for Elementary.

Praise for our new teaching staff and for how diligent all of our staff are!

Pray for the new staff needed for next semester and the 2017-18 school year.

Pray for our seniors as they still need to work hard in their courses and finish strong; and then look to what they will do after MCS.

Continue to pray for healing for Lisa’s sister, Kay, and for Nancy Stewart as she continues cancer treatment.

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