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Growing Through Personal Challenges September 8-14, 2016 Newsletter #5


Two students were dubbed ‘Knights’ this week!

(Yejun and Hyosuk) They earned the title by being the most chivalrous (doing the most thoughtful acts for others). This competition and ceremony were part of a study on medieval history. Some staff are sorry that the competition is over…we enjoyed students being extra helpful!

Our Director, Mr. Simon Malik, and his wife Apphia, are taking a very interesting three year, university degree course for a Masters of Organizational Leadership. There are 35 people from various ministries around the country in this course and they meet together for a week twice a year. Other than this, there is a lot of reading and work to do on their own time. ZBS, (the seminary in Islamabad), the Development Association International, and Forman Christian College in Lahore have all come together to be able to offer this excellent Biblically based course. You might recognize the names of Rev. Ashkenaz, John Mitchell and Jim Tebbe, who have worked to organize this course. Already, participants have been challenged by the excellent speakers in this first week – one from Russia and one from Sri Lanka. Please pray for those in this course, that they will learn how to work better for Christ’s kingdom and to challenge and train others as well.

The Junior High and Elementary had a swim day recently at ISOI.

Another weekend activity with the elementary kids was a treasure hunt. The winning team finally found the treasure of potato chips which they shared together with the rest. They also had fun with various games like 'police and thieves', 'Marco Polo', 'grounders' and 'ice and water'.

There are serious times, too as the students have devotions in boarding each weekday evening at 7pm.

The Junior High had great weather for their campout and enjoyed a hike to Mukshupuri. In Chapel, certificates were given to those who completed this challenging hike for the first time! (Inha, Aneem, Dua, Yejun, Homilia, Azwer and Yeree)

Their devotion time involved a banana, glue, tape and a needle and thread! After cutting a banana, they were challenged to try to put it back together using one of these tools. Impossible, of course! The application is that when we are hurt, only Jesus can help put us back together through love and forgiveness.

The Grade 11 had a Carnival work night and completed many tasks for the upcoming Carnival, September 24th! We look forward to seeing many of you here for a fun time!

In Chapel, the topic of bullying was presented. We were all reminded of how destructive this type of behavior can be. Our counselor, Diana, and Mrs. Raiter both shared. We all acted out right and wrong ways of treating each other.

In Church, we listened to part of the excellent series on the Ten Commandments by J. John.

Praises and Prayer Requests:

Praise for another fun and safe campout – one more to go, for Elementary this weekend.

Praise for ways we can all continue learning throughout our whole lives.

Pray for a fun Carnival for all the 24th!

Pray for the upcoming MCS Board meeting the 26th.

Pray for the new staff needed for next semester, especially History, Mathand the 2017-18 school year.

Continue to pray for healing for Lisa’s sister, Kay, and for Nancy Stewart as she continues cancer treatment.

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